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Meet Bob, out lates Kiosk that'll be joining our Kiosk family shortly

Here's another little guy that'll be joining our Bosstab Fusion Kiosk family shortly. ...Meet Bob! (At least that's what we're calling him for now).

Bob can be free-standing or secured and fix mounted to a table. He's a capable little fellow, he can rotate 360 degrees, he can turn his display between portrait and landscape, and he can flip his screen from one side to the other. Bob's clever!... and we think you'll like Bob.


  • 360 degree Rotation
  • turn between Landscape or Portrait
  • Ability to Flip Screen
  • Ability to be Free-standing or fixed mounted

If you have any questions, comments or would like to be kept up to date as to when you can take Bob home, please feel free to contact us here.

Bob Kiosk Bob Desktop Kiosk Bob the Tablet Kiosk

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