Importance of Customer Engagement in Retail

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Tablet Kiosk Enclosure

With the arrival of 2016 the American retail sector is under more pressure than ever to win business and new customers. In an ever increasing competitive market and competition from online retailers both in the US and overseas it's seriously time to pull the socks up and take a close look at how you can compete to stay ahead of the game.

Today's buyers are smarter than ever, have choice about where they want to shop, and can easily research their desired purchases elsewhere and online. They value recommendations, ask questions, and weigh up their options. Most importantly,..they want value and a good customer experience before parting with their hard earned cash.

Consumers want to spend money with businesses they feel good about and feel connected with. This is only set to increase in future years. Therefore building a good customer experience and engagement is now more paramount than ever. Shops that provide no value or engagement proposition tend to be ignored meaning business must work harder to win business. Many retailers turn to expensive advertising campaigns and sale offers in an attempt to win business but miss the opportunity to win meaningful long-term connections that engage the consumer.

Retailers should be focusing on building long-term customer relationships, keeping customers informed and creating interest in their brand. One way of doing this is by capturing the customers details such as an email address at their point of sale during the checkout process when the consumer is physically in their store.

By making this a fun and interesting experience, the consumer is far more likely to provide this information to the store when its presented with an offer, future discount, upcoming promotional alerts, or other VIP benefit. This is where the Boss-Tab Fusion Tablet Kiosk Enclosure range comes into its own. They allow the retailer to create interesting interactive and secure consumer kiosks using a wide variety of available computer tablets such as an Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy or Microsoft Surface Tablets.

The Fusion Tablet Enclosures come in a wide variety of options and are able to be installed anywhere inside a retail environment, whether it would be wall mounted, freestanding on a desktop table, or fixed mounted on the checkout desk or anywhere in the store.

The possibilities are endless in respect of how the retailer wishes to engage the consumer. Different Kiosks can engage the consumer in different ways,.. showcase a product range, advertise special offers, run promotional product data, capture customer details etc. It all adds up to a greater customer experience and engages the consumer with your brand, and provides the retailer with an opportunity to keep marketing to that consumer in the future.

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