What's the deal with the Galaxy TabPro S?

Samsungs newest tablet looks to challenge the iPad Pro.

Posted by Andrea Baker on

If you're looking for a portable device that does it all, from running daily workflow tasks to accessing entertainment and MS Office, then the newly released Samsung Galaxy TabPro S is a 2-in-1 machine designed to fit the bill.

Featuring the MS Windows operating system and complete with its own keyboard cover, the TabPro S joins an ever-increasing lineup of devices hoping to straddle the great divide between tablet and PC. It's Samsung's answer to the similarly priced Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and iPad Pro. So how does it work and what does it offer?

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The look

Borrowing heavily from the popular design of the Samsung Galaxy S6, the TabPro S boasts some serious styling without the weight of its rivals.

It's renowned as a sleek, beautiful machine with ultimate portability, clean lines, and a thin profile. Detached from its complimentary keyboard case it's only a quarter of an inch thick and weighs in at a svelte 1.53lb.


Packed into this sleek little body is a 12-inch display, 4MB of RAM, a Core M processor and either 128GB or 256GB storage.

There are also two 5mp cameras, Bluetooth, WiFi and a single USB type C port. The battery has up to 10.5 hours life with a fast-charge of 2.5 hours.

Arguably, the centerpiece that has most people talking is the magnetic keyboard that comes included in the purchase price. This is the first time the creators of a 2-in-1 have acknowledged you can't be all things to all people in the office world if you can't type, and have included this necessary little number in the original box. The keyboard also acts as a case, and features touchpad.



Admittedly the Samsung TabPro S isn't the first 2-in-1 kid on the block to utilize Microsoft's ever-popular Windows, but it is the first tablet from Samsung to do so.

Previous Galaxy Tab Pros have all been Android based, taking the PC shine off earlier models. This new addition comes with MS Windows 10 installed, meaning users can take advantage of additional software like Office or utilize the "hundreds of thousands" of apps available.

In a new innovation, Samsung has also introduced Flow, a system that ties in Samsung Smartphones and other products to the TabPro S. It allows users to log into their TabPro S via fingerprint scanning on their phone, and enable call and SMS notifications to pop up on the tablet. It also allows easy tablet connection to the Internet via a Samsung phone hotspot, and the TabPro S screen can be mirrored on Samsung TVs.

For business

Undeniably MS Windows, and the potential of utilizing Office, has benefits for business where the average day sees workers flipping between word processing, email, web surfing and traditional desktop applications like PhotoShop.

Couple this with Android apps that prove handy and it's a pretty winning combination, however there is one major drawback when it comes to workflow. The Samsung Galaxy TabPro S boasts only one USB port, and a type C version at that. This means that to connect a memory stick, scanner or mouse you need a converter. The port is also the fast charging point, so feasibly you're in constant competition for one vital access port.

Reviewers also note the Core M processor is the least powerful in the current Intel M lineup, but the TabPro S does get by.


The retail price of this latest addition to the 2-in1 lineup is $899, although it can be found as cheaply as $799, and it's available directly from Samsung, BestBuy, Microsoft Stores and a host of online retailers.

This price puts it in the same bracket as its rivals the MS Surface Pro 4 at $899 and iPad Pro 12.9 inch at $799. However neither of these competitors feature a keyboard, which will set you back between $129 and $169 for the genuine accessory.

What's next?

With the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S only just unveiled in January 2016 and available as of March, there's no talk yet of what's next for this competitive little 2-in-1.

For now it's earned a reputation as a solid, travel-friendly workstation that offers a cost effective, all inclusive option to the iPad Pro and Surface Pro 4, enabling users to run the apps they choose with the office services they require.