What You Missed At The Latest Apple KeyNote

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Apple's new iPhone 7 is set to ditch the audio jack and be more durable, more streamlined and boast better cameras in a series of major upgrades, unveiled at the corporation's keynote address on September 7.

The launch of the iPhone 7 was among new apps, innovations and technology unveiled that also saw the launch of the Series 2 Apple Watch and wireless earphones entitled AirPods. However, for iPad fans seeking news of the latest innovations in the tablet world, there was no mention of the future of the Air or upgrades to the Pro.

Here's what was covered: 

iPhone 7 Release

The iPhone 7

Billed as the best smartphone Apple has ever produced, the iPhone 7 and 7 plus will boast 10 new features and "the most deliberate evolution" of their original founding design.

1) Design - Along with a seamless cover and few protrusions, the iPhone 7 sees two new refined finishes added to the lineup including high gloss jet black and a second black matt cover that diffuses light. These will be added to the already existing varieties of Gold, Silver and Rose Gold.

2) Home button - In a total revamp of the iconic Home Button, Apple has created a Taptic Engine to drive the feature, allowing for more intuitive use which is force sensitive and provides feedback.

3) Water and dust resistant - iPhones have never been renowned for their love of the elements but now the clumsy coffee drinkers and rainy day lovers of the world have been recognized, with the company including dust resistance and water resistance in the latest models.

4) Cameras - The iPhone 7 cameras and the technology behind them have seen some of the greatest advancements, now including image stabilizing technology, a new flash, wider lens and flicker sensitivity to artificial light. Supported by improvements to image software this means even the base iPhone 7 will deliver better images in low light, with the capability of replicating depth of field.

The 7 Plus goes a step beyond to include two rear-facing cameras comprising one improved standard width camera and an additional zoom camera that allows users to hone into an image at 2x with no deterioration and up to 10x using software based zoom.     

Apple EarPods

5) Display - To view these beautiful images and for everyday use, the Retina HD display has also seen some improvements. It is now 25% lighter and includes 3D touch.

6) Speakers - The iPhone 7 boasts stereo sound with speakers included at both ends of the phone. These will offer two times the volume of the iPhone 6.

7) Headphone connector - In a major leap of faith, Apple has abandoned the headphone jack, instead utilising the lightning connector to power fixed earphones. Apple notes the lightning connection was initially designed for audio use, provides better sound quality than the analogue jack and the transition is in line with their vision of how audio should work. Earphones will come included in each box, along with an adaptor to cater to people needing a jack.

8) Wireless - In an even bolder move, Apple is making a push towards wireless earphone technology with the launch of AirPods. Noting it made "no sense to be tethered to a mobile device", the wireless ear buds use Apple's newly developed W1 chip to seamlessly connect in one maneuver to Apple devices, delivering incredible sound, five hours of battery life, voice and source recognition, and touch response.

9) Apple Pay - The popular payment option of Apple Pay is not only set to becomes easier to use on an iPhone 7 courtesy of the iOS 10 operating system but will now be rolled out to more countries.

10) Performance - The A10 Fusion processor is set to deliver "rocket ship" speed and performance to new iPhones. Comprising a quad core that caters to both high demand performance like gaming, and energy efficient tasks like email, it will operate 40% faster than the A9, and 120 times faster than the original iPhone. 

Apple Watch

While the iPhone was the highlight of the conference, improvements have also been made to the Apple Watch.

The Series 2 Apple Watch will boast waterproof technology for use by swimmers, a faster processor, brighter display, inbuilt GPS and an Apple Watch version of Pokémon Go. On the styling side of things, it will feature a new ceramic case along with aluminum and stainless steel varieties, a Nike branded model, and the option of bands designed by Hermès. 

Apple Watch 2

Other news

The ever-popular gaming character Super Mario is making the transition to iPhones, courtesy of a new app and game entitled Super Mario Run. The game has its focus on mobile technology, allowing users to operate it one-handed.


iPhone developments and innovations set the trend for what will be delivered in future iPads and, while Apple remains tightlipped about what the next generation of tablets will bring, they'll be watching the market to see how well their iPhone audio and camera gambles have paid off.