New iPad Pro 12.9 Stands Available

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Boss-Tab's ever popular Fusion tablet enclosure range is expanding, with enclosures now in production specifically for the iPad Pro 12.9.

Fusion tablet enclosures are currently available to suit most tablets and iPads including the Pro 9.7, Surface 3 and Galaxy Tab, and are renowned for their security, durability and accessibility in all retail, hospitality and business environments.

Boasting locks, a heavy-duty metal face-plate and durable ABS plastic case designed to withstand even the toughest commercial environment, they create a seamless and modern look in any situation.

Here's a breakdown of what the Fusion Pro will offer and how it can better serve your business.

Built for strength

The primary function of the Fusion tablet enclosure is to provide strength and security in everyday use. Each enclosure includes a unique lock to guarantee against theft, or business can also select to have all enclosures keyed the same, so one key fits all fixtures on site.

The enclosure comprises a high-grade metal faceplate that connects with a heavy duty, ABS plastic case.

Additional security accessories include cable locks and anchor points.

Built for beauty

With its seamless, sleek look, the Fusion enclosure suits any retail, business or hospitality environment.

Each stand available with the Fusion enclosure offers cable management, with charge chords discretely housed within mounts, channeled into walls or funneled through a kickstand.

Built for business

Perfect for point of sale stands, information kiosks or in-store displays, The Fusion Pro enclosure can be adapted to a series of configurations designed for any use.

Table stands

For a permanently affixed tablet enclosure the fixed screw mounted tablet kiosk offers the perfect option. It flips from portrait to landscape or is also available in an option that flips back and forth, enabling easy use by customers and staff behind a counter, while maintaining its stability on a fixed base.

For an attractive wall-mounted display or kiosk, the Fusion fixed wall mount offers a seamless look. Cables are channeled through the rear of the case and into the wall, while your iPad Pro can be affixed in either portrait or landscape mode.

The Fusion floor stand offers maximum security, minimal intrusion and a seamless look in any retail environment. This stand enables your iPad Pro to act as an independent display, information kiosk or point of sale.

Featuring a secure 3.12kg base plate, it offers independent stability or can be screwed into position using the two available mounts. Meanwhile the enclosure can be rotated between portrait and landscape so your customer or staff can view it with ease in their preferred mode.

The iPad Pro 12.9 will soon be among the tablet line-up serviced by the Boss-Tab Fusion range and accessories. To learn more about suitable options for your business, and additional accessories on offer, see here.

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