iPad Mini 5 Rumours

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With September only weeks away, all eyes are on Apple and their pending release of the latest lineup of mobile technology. But while others look to the iPhone 7, it's the small tablets that have us pondering - what's next for the iPad Mini? What date can we get our hands on it? And what pedigree will it embrace?

Release date

The latest iPad Mini will likely be unveiled on September 9 alongside the highly anticipated iPhone 7. This follows Apple's trend of releasing their products in autumn. In previous years Apple had spaced the phone and iPad launches a month apart but bucked this tradition last year, unveiling their iPhone and iPad Mini 4 in one fell swoop.

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Products are usually available within a week of unveiling so the new Mini should hit the shelves on September 16.

To boldly Pro...

The biggest speculation surrounding the iPad Mini this year is what moniker will the tiny tablet embrace? Rumor has it Apple may ditch the numbering and the Mini may instead make an appearance as an iPad Mini Pro.

This may bring some additional features like a stylus, and would round out the Pro range providing a tablet in the 12.9-inch, 9.7-inch and 7.9-inch screen sizes. It also follows on from Apple's form with the iPad Air, which remains decidedly absent after much hype that it would be unveiled in October last year. Instead Apple released the iPad Pro, so will the Mini make the same transition?

iPad Mini 5


As always, people expect big things from Apple and the latest iPad Mini is no different. While it remains to be seen whether there will be any striking design changes, the greatest expectation is that it will lose a little more girth.

Some even suggest it could slim down to a more than "mini" 5mm, shaving 1.1mm from its already slender profile. All this weight loss would come courtesy of better battery technology, without affecting performance.

On the subject of performance, it's hoped the new Mini will boast fast charging technology to better cater to its favored use as an e-reader.

In other changes, notes Apple may also ditch the headphone socket, instead utilizing the wireless and lightning headphone models. There have been persistent rumors the iPhone 7 is eliminating a headphone socket so who's to say the Mini won't follow suit?

Next on the list of possibilities is a more durable case. With a slimmer design, more durability will be the order of the day, and again Mini may take its lead from the iPhone, which was unveiled last year with a 7000-series aluminum case. When it comes to colour, it's widely tipped rose gold will make an appearance in addition to the traditional gold, silver and space gray.

iPad Mini 5 Rumours


The processor is likely to be upped to an A9 seeing an increase in speed and better graphics. But the camera is unlikely to change. The Mini 4 utilizes an 8Mp main camera, and 1.2Mp front-facing variety.


On the software front, the Mini will be compatible with the recently unveiled iOS 10 software. That means a few new features will be available that may include Dark Mode, instead of the current White background as default, and 3D Touch pressure sensitive screens like those available on the iPhone 6.


The price point for iPad Minis largely remains the same so it is anticipated the 16GB will hit the shelves at $399, the 64GB at $499, and the 128GB at $599.


The iPad Mini may yet surprise us with some bold new design features and innovations that will shake up the tablet industry. But for now all eyes are on the calendar with the release only weeks away.