How to choose a tablet stand

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Tablet technology has been popular for a few years now. If you've had one, you have probably realized that the biggest problem with a tablet is that there is no ergonomic way to hold it. No matter how functional and versatile the device, it always feels a little awkward to hold it for any long period of time. You can, of course, put it on a table and lurch over it, hurting your neck and saving your hands. Or you can put it on your lap and fold up your legs. If you're craving your teenage days, you can rest on your elbows on the bed, but this doesn't work for everyone.

The solution is easy: a tablet stand. Whether you have an iPad or one of the Samsung Galaxy tablets, a tablet stand such as a tablet wall mount enclosure is the solution to this problem. The next question then becomes how to choose the right tablet stand. Here is our guide to selecting a tablet stand that works for you:

Choose a case to suit your needs

Tablet enclosures come in all shapes and sizes. A case can open like a book, or transform into a horizontal stand, or even a vertical floor stand. If you use your Surface Pro sitting down but you want to have standing access to your iPad, this is possible using either table mounts or vertical stands.

What device do you have?

If you're looking for a case for a Kindle or a book reader, you need to make sure you know the dimensions and whether your tablet will fit snugly into the enclosure you purchase.

Ask not only how you use your tablet, but how you want to use your tablet

Do you want to lie on your back in bed and watch a movie? No problem. Running a retail space and need a iPad POS stand or tablet kiosk stand? Many different styles of iPad POS stands are available that look good and are secure.

Find a retailer you trust

You don't want to make the purchase a bigger event than when you purchased the tablet itself. Find a retailer that you trust and that you can work with. Contact BossTab if you'd like our help choosing.

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