Keep your tablets and electronic devices secure in store

Posted by Andrea Baker on

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Creating the ideal security system is a bit of a balancing act. Retailers need to create a secure way to display their goods, yet also make them easily accessible for their potential customers.

This is especially true for displaying and protecting devices like tablets, mobile phones, eReaders and computers. The ideal security systems for these type of products need to be able to let customers get hands on with the device. Before parting with a significant chunk of money for something like a tablet, customers will need to be convinced the product has impressive features. Customers are looking for speed, intuitiveness, and the joy of using the product. They simply can't get these things if their potential tablet is behind a glass case.

Yet unfortunately, the in-store demonstration models of expensive electronic items are often the target of shoplifters. If you were wanting to display a tablet in a wall mounted enclosure for example, you would need something highly secure to deter shoplifters. During the average workday in a retail outlet, it becomes quite difficult to supervise customers who are testing items like tablets. As most retail workers will tell you, there are lots of tasks that can pop up during the day, and it's quite difficult to stay with one customer for the duration of their stay in your store. For these reasons, it's essential you have a quality retail security system in place for your business.

But good news: there is a merchandise security solution for this problem. Easy and effective loss prevention systems can be put in place quickly, easily, and at a reasonable rate. What's more, these solutions for your phone and tablet security needs have other plus sides. Not only can they secure your device to one spot, but they also act as display stands and chargers at the same time.

Nowadays there are great ways to secure your iPad, tablet, eReader or educational smart device. The right security system can be tailored to suit your individual retail store, exhibition, trade show or kiosk display. Keep those valuable items safe and out of the pockets of thieves with a convenient and secure display device.

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