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When it comes to point of sale (POS) software, all apps are not created equal. It's those that go above and beyond, offering a one-stop shop for business management that lead the retail field. Here we check out five of the most popular, top-ranked POS apps and the features that have them rated by users as head and shoulders above the rest.

Visual Retail Plus

Visual Retail Plus POS

Described as an integrated system that handles point of sale, inventory management, CRM and more, Visual Retail Plus features the latest technology and 20 years experience in the field. Flexible enough to adapt to a variety of retail sectors including gift shops, fashion retailers, hardware stores and electronics suppliers, it is deployed on-premises using Windows operating systems.

The software is suited to small to medium enterprises, and includes barcode scanning, credit card payments, real-time inventory management, customer history, and email marketing. Features can be turned off and on as required or configured to a retailer's specifications.

Ranked highly for its ease of use, Visual Retail Plus' product support sees this software consistently rated top notch, but clients do note the occasional lag.

Price-wise, Visual Retail Plus isn't the cheapest software on the market, but it isn't the most expensive either, ranked on the lower end of the scale.

TouchBistro Restaurant POS

Touch Bistro POS

Designed for the hospitality industry, TouchBistro offers flexibility and portability to staff with its mobile capability. The software operates via Apple, Windows and Linux operating systems using cloud or on-premises deployment.

The key feature of this app is its portability. Staff can take their iPad to each table or down the queue to complete ordering and payment, with services such as split bills and receipt printing.  For smaller enterprises, a couple of counter-top tablets acting as registers and ordering points more than fit the bill, but it's probably worth considering secure tablet stands to protect hardware from damage or theft.

User friendly, intuitive and nice to look at to boot, TouchBistro is renowned by hospitality staff as simple to learn and utilise. It sits on the cheaper side of the price scale, and can be adapted for venues of all sizes. The system can also be modified to account for deals, specials and happy hours, while reports indicate what items sell best.

Most of the apps  featured on our list are compatible with our iPad stand enclosures.


ShopKeep POS

Featuring sales management, staff tracking, inventory reporting and customer information, ShopKeep is cloud-based software designed to manage retail stores either remotely or in-house. ShopKeep is available across Apple, Windows and Linux platforms, and offers retailers features such as a portable register via iPads, and alerts when stock items run low.

It comes with 24 hour, year-round support included in its affordable price. You can view our previous detailed rundown of ShopKeep here, but users note its ease of use and tech support among the best assets.


Toast Tab POS

Built specifically for the food service industry, Toast offers some of the finest tablet features sought after by hospitality workers. From table-side ordering to split billing, suggested tipping percentages and search resources for recipes, it lends itself to speed of service in the busy hospitality environment.

Not only can bills be divvied up, but transferred to other wait staff should the need arise, while customer loyalty is also catered to via inbuilt rewards systems.

Toast acts across Apple, Windows and Linux operating systems, can be utilised by hospitality operators of all sizes and is stored via Cloud or in-house. Ease of use and customisable options are among the highest rated attributes of this software, while the low price is also a feature.


Servicing the wireless and mobile phone industries, PremierWireless is cloud-based software available for Apple, Windows and Linux systems.

Recommended by 98 per cent of users, it offers traditional point of sale functionality in addition to wireless specific applications, inventory tracking, staff management, streamlined payment options, multi-store capability, bill payment, and CRM.

Easy to use and rated highly for its quality and functionality, PremierWireless offers extensive and accessible customer support for subscribers. On the affordable end of the pricing spectrum, it caters to business small and large.


Selecting the right POS software for business will always come down to what your business does and what data you wish to have at your fingertips. Many app creators offer trial software and online demonstrations so you can give it a run for your hard-earned money, and seek the feedback from staff regarding ease of use prior to purchase.

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