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In 2008, Jason Richelson, a small business owner and retailer, had had enough. Frustrated with old-fashioned and time-consuming point of sale (POS) software and methods, he decided to create something that would allow business owners to run their businesses - even without setting a single foot in their stores.

Thus, ShopKeep was born.

Business owners and managers can now access data about every process in their shops, including (but not limited to) tracking of sales, inventory, and managing staff, all by using cloud software. The interface is easy to grasp and even easier to implement, making it an invaluable tool for small businesses in today's fast-paced technological world.

For those who are unfamiliar with ShopKeep, here are the basics of this forward-thinking software.

What can ShopKeep be used for?

ShopKeep can be used to do everything you usually do manually, and on a daily basis. It tracks inventory and alerts you when items are running low (so that you won't miss out on ordering in time), and helps you identify which products sell more (and which ones don't).

It acts as a flexible register, allowing customers to purchase and pay for their favourite items on the spot. ShopKeep also can capture customers' details more efficiently, so that you can add them to your rewards programs and mailing lists, enabling you to notify them of specials and sales with ease.

The unique software also captures analytical information - so you can easily pinpoint the weaker points or products in your business - and then take the required action to rectify them.

Analytic Reporting

ShopKeep's unique technology captures even the tiniest pieces of data, and compiles them into clear and easy-to-read reports. It automatically calculates for you the average number of items purchased per transaction, the average transaction amount, and identifies the peak times in your business (either by hour or amount of sales). ShopKeep also shows you a real-time running total of net sales and profit margins, while factoring in aspects such as GST, discounts, and returns.

ShopKeep Analytics

ShopKeep opens up a world of neat analytical information.

Streamlined Payments

ShopKeep can collect product information smoothly whenever a barcode is scanned with a Bluetooth scanner, or searched for via the interface. It can process credit card transactions, mobile payments, gift cards, and cash - even keeping track of the cash flow in each register.

Customer Details

ShopKeep allows you to easily enter customers' details into your systems so that you can inform them of upcoming specials and sales, or sign them up for your company's rewards program. Adding their emails to your mailing list is also a breeze, with programs such as MailChimp integrating seamlessly to save you time.

Easy Inventory

With the ShopKeep interface, you can import all your inventory data to the cloud, and manage it efficiently. Even if you have thousands of stock items with thousands of different SKUs - the software files and organises your data so that you can see which products are being sold, and how many. And doing a stock take takes absolutely no effort at all.

Your staff will love it too

Signing on - or off - a shift becomes smoother and more efficient with ShopKeep. Data for end-of-shift sheets can be sent to a wireless printer for easy printing and reconciliation. You can also track which staff members' registers turn over more sales. It tracks their worked hours down to the second, to avoid over or under-payment of wages. And you can delegate different levels of access to your business' information for each staff member, according to his or her position.


ShopKeep integrates seamlessly with a host of other vital business applications, thereby increasing its versatility and flexibility, to suit your unique small business. Accounting software like QuickBooks(R) and XERO, customer and marketing management programs such as MailChimp, and rewards program applications such as AppCard can all be integrated with ShopKeep for even greater control and ease of management.


ShopKeep costs $69 per month (per register). For such a minimal outlay, you get a wealth of information in return, and the flexibility to be 100% up-to-date with your business' workings, as you can access data via the cloud any time, any place. No other POS register can do this.

ShopKeep POS Stand

BossTab's Fusion tablet kiosk is a perfect companion for the ShopKeep app.

Recommendations for optimal use

To ensure your tablet doesn't go 'wandering' around the store, or get left behind in the storage room when things get busy, consider the use of tablet-friendly hardware to prevent any mishaps. By mounting the tablet onto a desk, wall, or floor, such as with BossTab's tablet stands, your tablet, and the information on display, will always remain in plain sight and in reach - so you'll never have to worry about misplacing it again.

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