The iPad Pro 9.7: Do You Need It?

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As smartphones have increased in size and laptops have gotten smaller, the tablet market has, without question, felt some squeeze. Tablet sales have fallen off for several years in a row, especially in the iPad market. While users are convinced to upgrade their smartphones every year or every other year, as long as your tablet can still check your email and play Candy Crush, users don't seem to feel the same urgency. Even in businesses and schools, which tend to upgrade in cycles, older models seem to still be good enough, with no particular sign of upgrading soon.

The iPad Pro 9.7 has the potential to change that, at least for some users.

When you start looking through reviews of the newest iPad, you tend to see a few trends:

iPad POS Systems Is the iPad Pro 9.7 the best tablet yet?

But the trouble, as it often is with Apple gear, is the price for what you get. Reviewers agree that to get the most from the newest iPad Pro, you need the Apple Bluetooth keyboard and Apple Pencil. If you get both of them, they will add about $250 to the iPad Pro's already shocking $599 price tag. If you compare that to the baseline prices of a Samsung Galaxy Tab, for example, you might have to sit down and rest until you catch your breath.

So what makes the iPad Pro 9.7 worth the price?

Instead of Comparing It to Tablets, Compare It to 2-in-1s

When you put the price of the iPad Pro next to the price of the Microsoft Surface or the Asus Zenbook, for example, you are a little less likely to feel the sticker shock.

So Who Needs the iPad Pro 9.7?

If the only thing that held you back from purchasing the iPad Pro when it launched was the size, grab the 9.7. Its standard frame size makes it perfect to toss into a purse or laptop bag and pull out when you want to check your email or handle a quick computing task.

If you need a great camera in a tablet, then the iPad Pro 9.7 is head and shoulders above the competition. A 12 megapixel camera that can capture 4K video? There's no competition. Most manufacturers are focusing on putting their great cameras in their phones, not their tablets. But if the expanded real estate for your video taking is what you need, this is going to be best-in-class.

If you need to be able to handle more involved computing tasks than just checking your email, the iPad does offer impressive multitasking and processing power. This can mean a difference to freelancers, students, and other professionals, it can even double up as an excellent iPad POS stand.

But if your old iPad is still functioning, and you don't have any particular reason to upgrade until your tablet finally gives up the ghost and dies? This tablet probably isn't for you.

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