Getting Retail Technology To Work For You

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Why should retailers try and compete with the latest technology? Why not put it to work for yourself to try and help increase sales?
Here are five tools you can put to work for you right now.

Tablet Stands

Your tablet stand worked outside, keep it working inside!

Tablet stands and kiosks can work wonders indoors, too. Customers will use your tablet to browse inventory you don’t keep in the store and to get more information on what you do have, and, of course, they will use it to order, too. They can use it to provide feedback and manage their loyalty program, and they can be used to entertain the other half and little ones while partners shop.

Customers of all ages are accustomed to being online, so an in-store digital touchpoint will be taken for granted my many. Customers love interactive shopping and tablets offer the customized experience that today's shopper expects.

A popular use is in-store videos. They can be either specific to your store, or of a general entertainment nature, designed to draw and keep customers on your floor. Just make sure they are visible! You don't want to hide your great content.

No matter what you use them for, tablet kiosks make customers a captive audience, keeping them in your store and engaged.

BOSS-Tab is a premier retailer of kiosks and mounts that keep your tablets as safe as they are

Point of Sale (POS)

Traditional registers are great in a museum, but not in your store!

iPad POS Systems Tablet POS Systems are quickly becoming the industry standard.

Check-out is usually a guest’s last experience in your store. Unless you deal in antiques, you don’t want them thinking how ancient the experience was.

Modern Tablet POS systems give greater convenience to both retailers and customers. And with the advent of digital wallets, customers don’t even need to take their credit card out of their bag or pocket. Their smartphone pays for them.

Modern POS systems not only offer convenience for customers but advantages for retailers as well, because modern POS systems not only process payments, they offer inventory tracking and real-time customer data that you can convert into future sales.

Beacon Technology

May I help you?

Beacon technology is an exciting development that utilizes Bluetooth technology to allow retailers to connect with customers while they are in-store.

Introduced in 2016, retailers not only use them but also, among other places, airports, stadiums, and hotels. Some estimates claim that beacon technology will drive roughly US$16 billion in sales this year.

Beacon apps are great for retailers because the customer initiates use. Anyone who accesses your beacon is looking to become an engaged, purchasing customer ready to be wooed by personal offers, coupons, contests or other interactive content.

Tablet Wall Mount Enclosure Tablet Enclosures are perfect for customer store retention.

In-Store Videos

Lights, camera, action!

In-store videos are an excellent way to keep customers in your store. However, be careful. Videos must be done well, or they could do you more harm than good. Merely throwing up some monitors with something playing on them is not enough. You wouldn’t put employees on the floor without training, so don’t put content up that is not tailored either to your brand, your customers, or, ideally, both.

When the content is both relevant to the customer’s experience and entertaining, they stay in your store longer, which results in greater sales and greater customer loyalty.

Smartphone Chargers

All about return visits!

Admit it; your first reaction was to dismiss this idea. Consider this, though: everyone walking by your store needs their phone charged. Retailers providing charging stations are giving consumers another reason to come inside, traffic that ordinarily might have walked past.

There are a variety of commercial charging stations out there, some offering branding opportunities and some are smart charging stations as well, providing another interactive touchpoint for customers.

Retail has been evolving since people bartered goods and services. It always will, too, and traditional brick-and-mortar retailers do not need to be scared of 21st-century technology - all they need to do is embrace it and put it to work for them.

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