The Tablet Revolution

July 12, 2018

In the modern day of tweets, texts, and swiping right, people are becoming increasingly more dependent on the convenience and accessibility of hand held electronics. We like to hold our devices and touch-guide our electronics rather than sitting at a desk, clumsily navigating the screen with a clunky piece of plastic on a foam saucer. With smart phones growing ever larger, it’s no wonder why many have developed a penchant for the ‘Pad. While many may consider the tablet revolution a generational disease that they are immune to, business owners are also seeing the great potential in investing in the handheld devices.

Cafes and Retail

It seems nearly every retail store or café you walk into now-a-days has a tablet perfectly perched upon it’s pedestal, ready to take an order or have a signature finger-scribbled across its screen. After all, with the influx of business-focused apps, a tablet can do nearly everything required to run a business that its much higher priced and bulkier counterpart, the desktop computer, can do.

And it doesn’t end there...

Educational Research

Educational researchers are utilizing tablets to streamline procedures, record information and have participants sign documentation.

Patrick J Owen, PhD., a Research Fellow at Deakin University in Melbourne, utilizes tablets on a daily basis. Using Qualtrics, he can issue surveys to participates that will be automatically and digitally recorded. This not only cuts out the need for masses of physical paperwork to be scanned, and filed which helps with efficiency, but can also reduce inaccuracies from transcription. He also uses the tablet to go through briefing prior to data collection. He can gain electronically sign the documentation with a stylus and show them a number of test results if necessary.


Teachers around the world are taking great joy in the integration of tablets to the classroom setting. Need to assign school work for the kids? There’s an app for that!

Teachers have been flocking to tablets to assist them in the classroom with reading, math and beyond. The interactive nature of apps makes learning more enjoyable for children, and streamlines procedures for teachers. There is no shortage of apps available to help kids learn in a fun and interactive way. Just this past week, Apple launched its own free app, Schoolwork, to further assist in the classroom by managing assignments and accessing the progress of its users. The ever-declining price of tablets, or discounts offered to schools, are also helping to make tablets an attractive option to their educational friends.

Tradeshows and Events

Have you ever been to a large event such as a tradeshow or conference and it feels like the queue of people in front of you is never going to end? Event coordinators and volunteers herd you like cattle into lines broken down into groups by alphabetic order. You stand in line and realise at least three times that you’ve somehow managed to position yourself in the wrong line, only to get to the front of the queue and wait for a volunteer to look for your name on their sign in list for ten minutes before they finally find your name on a sheet of paper that fluttered onto the floor in the shuffle. Well, that’s not a good first impression, is it?

Tablets are taking the place of sloppy event sign ins and making the process much more streamlined, independent and relatively painless! What once was a fifty-person-staff circus production has turned into a smoothly flowing non-event for event registration. People can event and find an open kiosk to tick their names off the list. No hassle, no stress, and happy event attendees make for a positive experience that people will not dread attending again. But, wait! That’s not all!

Offices and Boardrooms

Besides the highly visible use of the tablet in interactions with consumers, tablets are also infiltrating the office due to the amount of apps for small businesses available. Companies are saying no to computers in the meeting room, and yes to the ease and portability of tablets for presentations. Not only can tablets be used to broadcast a slideshow on a screen, but they can also be used to replace the paper-distribution of important documents for review in the boardroom. No more losing your notes for that important meeting you’ve been preparing for weeks for! A tablet can also help you keep those safe, secure, and easily accessible at the tap of a finger.

The Final Opinion

Tablets are a very convenient option that make various tasks much more streamlined and less cumbersome. Be it in the classroom, a café, a research lab, or elsewhere, tablets are being found to be useful tools in all various parts of our lives. Integrating a tablet into your work place can help cut out tedious work processes, making us more efficient, accurate, and providing us convenience.

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