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Why use an iPad for visitor registration?

Easy to use and economical, the iPad offers an ideal tool for visitor registration, and there is a wealth of apps specifically for this task.

The benefits of using an iPad include the fact the hardware can be easily upgraded when required, most people are familiar with using an iPad as it’s the most popular tablet in the world, an iPad is an affordable option compared to purpose-built hardware, and the devices tend to last.

Meanwhile, a host of software providers have visitor registration apps designed specifically for iPads, and now many of them include touchless sign-on via QR codes or barcodes.

best ipad holders for visitor registration in 2021 1

An iPad holder is a must

If you are intending on using an iPad for visitor registration, a tablet holder is a must. An iPad holder will protect your device against damage, allow it to be positioned where you wish, and also offers the security that the device won’t be stolen.

But as you consider the right iPad or tablet holder for the job, there are a few things to bear in mind.

Things to consider when selecting a tablet holder

Will your device be positioned in a location where it could potentially be stolen? If that’s the case, you will need an iPad holder that offers a lockable faceplate, and a stand which can be affixed to a desk, wall or the floor.

The device will need to be accessible for guests looking to sign in. Consider where it will be positioned, the height that will suit and the prominence of the device, so it can’t be missed by visitors entering a location.

There are iPad holders that can be affixed to desktops, counters, and walls, while some can also be freestanding courtesy of floor stands.

The angle
If visitor sign-in involves taking a picture of the person entering a site, consider the angle of the device. Is it best that the iPad holder allows it to change angles or is there a standard position on a wall that might suit?

Any tablet holder in a high-use environment needs to be durable.

The best available iPad holders in 2021

Like the devices themselves, the tablet holders that accommodate them continue to evolve, with a range of new options available in 2021.

With that in mind, here are the best available iPad holders available for visitor management.

Elite Evo Freestanding

The Elite Evo Freestanding is ideal for a countertop visitor registration kiosk that offers security and ultimate flexibility.

The stand features a strong yet minimal frame with internal cable management and a lockable faceplate, complete with barrel key.

Devices can be locked into portrait or landscape mode, or swivel between the two. The tablet holder also facilitates a 40-degree tilt for improved ergonomics.

For additional security, you can also screw mount the stand to a desk or countertop, while a cable lock is also available.

best ipad holders for visitor registration in 2021 2

Touch Evo Freestanding

Suited to any model tablet of any size, the Touch Evo Freestanding tablet holder offers ultimate flexibility. In this case your iPad is displayed just as it was intended with no case and a minimalist stand. That makes ports readily accessible.

Meanwhile, the stand allows for a 40-degree tilt and you can also rotate the device between portrait and landscape mode.

If security’s a concern, the stand can be secured to a countertop with screws and a cable lock can be added.

best ipad holders for visitor registration in 2021 3

Edge Evo Screw Mount

The Edge iPad stand range features a unique clamp based design that includes a simple security lock release option. Compatible with the Nexus, Evo and Floor Stand pole options, the Edge iPad stand is perfect for countertop use from POS to kiosk self-service applications.

Designed for the 7th & 8th generation 10.2″ iPad.

This Edge Evo Screw Mount includes a 40 tilt adjustment to suit various counter heights and also rotates between portrait and landscape to suit your use case.

Elite Nexus

The Elite Nexus offers a highly secure and durable enclosure with a sleek, short, and stylish stand. The design is strong yet minimalist and features internal cable management and a lockable faceplate.

Available with three mounting options, the tablet holder can be freestanding, or secured to a counter with either screws or adhesive.

The stand also allows for the device to rotate 180 degrees and is suited to a variety of iPad model sizes.

best ipad holders for visitor registration in 2021 4

Touch Nexus

A minimalist iPad holder, the Touch Nexus accommodates tablets of any size, offering the ability to rotate a device 180 degrees.

The Touch stand sits close to the countertop, making it ideal for any business retail or hospitality environment, and can be mounted to a surface three different ways – freestanding, screw mounted or using adhesive.

best ipad holders for visitor registration in 2021 5

Looking for more iPad holder options? View our range of tablet holders and stands here.

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