<a href=''>Modernized POS Solutions by Aldelo and Bosstab</a>
Modernized POS Solutions by Aldelo and Bosstab
August 12, 2022
The arrival of cloud-based restaurant point-of-sale solutions has provided owners and operators with unprecedented access to store and customer data in real-time. Unlike fixed position Window-based terminals, decentralized cloud-based hardware allows restaurants versatility to place merchant- and customer-facing devices in more convenient and accessible positions. Aldelo Express POS users have successfully adapted their business operations and expanded customer services by implementing a modern point-of-sale restaurant platform that supports mobile and remote ordering payment capabilities, self-service kiosks, digital menus and online ordering, smart kitchen display systems, and QR-code-driven e-Gift, e-Loyalty, and e-Coupons, etc. Aldelo Express restaurants select from a variety of available and supported interoperable devices, such as iPad and Android tablets, Android terminals, and Android mobile devices.
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<a href=''>VisitUs Visitor Management Software</a>
VisitUs Visitor Management Software
July 21, 2022
Home grown in Sydney Australia, VisitUs has quickly forged an international reputation as an innovative software provider specialising in visitor management. We are proud to partner with VisitUs in supplying premium tablet and iPad stand solutions alongside their industry leading software.
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<a href=''>Stokehouse St Kilda</a>
Stokehouse St Kilda
April 13, 2022
Renowned as ‘everyone’s favourite beach house’, Stokehouse offers an unparalleled dining experience overlooking iconic St Kilda Beach in Melbourne. With its laid-back charm and a vibrant atmosphere, the venue prides itself on providing an award-winning food and wine experience coupled with a welcoming feel. The stunning restaurant and bar fit-out is designed by Pascale Gomes-McNabb, and features glass lighting installations and floor-to-ceiling windows with uninterrupted views from wherever you sit. Together the experience evokes the quintessential feel of an endless beach holiday. With a space that caters to events, fine dining and casual get togethers, Stokehouse is acclaimed as ‘the Melbourne dining experience’.
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<a href=''>Scape Living at Franklin</a>
Scape Living at Franklin
March 10, 2022
Located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, Scape Living at Franklin provides luxe apartment living with a difference. With beautifully designed spaces for long and short-term stays, the complex offers a range of studios and apartments that are ideal for a getaway or as a base to embrace the work/life balance in Australia’s most culturally exciting and livable city. In addition to a choice of apartments, Scape Living at Franklin features a luxury lounge with a fireplace, an exclusive dining room, a collaboration lounge, a film screening room, and fitness facilities.
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<a href=''>Spotlight on POS – Square features</a>
Spotlight on POS – Square features
March 3, 2022
For retailers, restaurants, cafes and a whole host of businesses looking to set up a quick and effective Point of Sale, Square is a highly popular software option. Easy to set up and affordable to use, the software offers a suite of features needed to run a business. So, let’s take a quick tour of those features and how they help businesses manage sales, inventory and so much more…
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<a href=''>What’s the go with GaN chargers?</a>
What’s the go with GaN chargers?
February 28, 2022
When you think about tablets and mobile devices' technological innovation, the last thing that springs to mind is the charger you use to keep your device powered. However, like all areas of the tech world, chargers have come a long way in the past decade, and one of the latest innovations to hit the market is the GaN charger. So, what exactly is a GaN charger and how does it improve on other charging methods?
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<a href=''>First Love Coffee</a>
First Love Coffee
February 21, 2022
Located in the beating heart of Australia’s coffee capital, First Love Coffee has established a stellar reputation for sourcing some of the finest coffee in the world. What began as a specialty blend has expanded to become a wholesaler and recently opened a dedicated café and shopfront in Melbourne’s Collins Arch. Overlooking a park, the architecturally designed café is chic, stunning and effortlessly caters to the busy city crowd seeking quick but quality coffee and food. And behind the First Love label are two very well-known icons of the Australian hospitality scene. Brenton Lang and Drew Gibbs of Rustica Sourdough and The Hobsons Bay Hotel established First Love in 2018, adding to a lengthy list of successful ventures where the astute customer always comes first.
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<a href=''>Hobsons Bay Hotel</a>
Hobsons Bay Hotel
February 2, 2022
Overlooking Port Philip Bay in Melbourne, the Hobsons Bay Hotel is a premium example of a modernized Australian pub. Spanning three beautifully fitted-out levels, it is a multi-entertainment venue that includes a public bar, restaurant, private dining, catering, events, and a stunning rooftop bar, complete with water views. The chic and upmarket ambiance of the hotel makes it an ideal venue for a quick drink after work, a catch-up with friends, romantic dinners, exclusive parties, and events like product launches. In fact, it’s pretty much a pub for every occasion, which happens to be overseen by some big names in the Australian hospitality industry. Steering the ship is Rustica Sourdough’s Brenton Lang as co-owner. At the same time, Ben Pigott oversees the food, using his extensive experience at Cumulus Inc, Supernormal, Stokehouse and Fatto to take the standard pub brief to a whole new level.
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<a href=''>Portable, compact and streamlined – The benefits of a floor stand kiosk</a>
Portable, compact and streamlined – The benefits of a floor stand kiosk
January 27, 2022
Whether you’re looking to create a streamlined visitor check-in, an information kiosk, or an easy-to-install mobile Point of Sale terminal, floor stands offer a simple and effective way to turn your tablet into a kiosk. Floor stands also offer flexibility, allowing you to move the tablet when you need to or use it at pop-up events. So, let’s look at how to create a floor stand kiosk that can be used anywhere, anytime, using the Evo floor stand…
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<a href=''>SwipedOn adds upload documents to its visitor management features</a>
SwipedOn adds upload documents to its visitor management features
January 19, 2022
SwipedOn has released a new visitor management feature in a bid to make compliance easier for workplaces. Unveiled in late 2021, the new document upload tool allows for the instant capture of any required documentation as a guest or staff member signs into an organization. So, what exactly can this new feature do, and how does it work?
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<a href=''>All you need to know about iPad wall mounts</a>
All you need to know about iPad wall mounts
January 18, 2022
If you’re seeking to use your iPad as an information kiosk, visitor management system, or mobile Point of Sale, wall mounts offer a great space-saving alternative. Easy to install, with a range of features, iPad wall mounts are suited to a range of the ever-popular Apple tablets and offer both protection and security for your device. So, let’s take a walk through all you need to know about iPad wall mounts…
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<a href=''>Upgrade your POS with an iPad</a>
Upgrade your POS with an iPad
November 2, 2021
So you’re looking to embrace the era of mobile, and transform that static Point of Sale into mPOS that makes life a whole lot easier for your staff while improving customer service, but how exactly is that done? Well, one of the most common ways of upgrading your traditional POS is through the adoption of the humble iPad. In this article, we’ll walk through how that’s done, including the tools you need, some software suggestions and the benefits of upgrading your POS with an iPad.
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<a href=''>Upgrade your Visitor Management with an iPad</a>
Upgrade your Visitor Management with an iPad
November 2, 2021
Gone are the days where paper and pens were the tool of choice for visitor management, with technology playing an increasing role in recording who is at your premises at any given moment in time. That technology doesn’t even need to be expensive or purpose-designed, with one of the preferred tools for visitor management being the humble iPad. Courtesy of its intuitive interface, a host of available apps, and affordability, the iPad is now found in organizations across the globe, catering to workplace safety and security as an up-to-the-minute Visitor Management System. So, let’s look at how you can upgrade your visitor management with an iPad.
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<a href=''>Visitor management, bookings, and customer service -  How to use an iPad in an office</a>
Visitor management, bookings, and customer service - How to use an iPad in an office
October 14, 2021
The attributes of the humble iPad are well-known when it comes to on-the-go office productivity, but what about the other nifty tasks it can perform within the business environment? It turns out there are quite a few, with this savvy little tablet popping up everywhere from visitor management to meeting room bookings and customer service. So, let’s explore some alternate uses for your average office iPad.
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<a href=''>How to use an iPad in cafes and restaurants.</a>
How to use an iPad in cafes and restaurants.
October 13, 2021
Who would have thought the humble iPad would become such a commonplace fixture in cafés and restaurants? Well, it turns out a lot of people. The hospitality sector has quickly embraced the iPad for all manner of tasks since the device first hit the mainstream back in 2010. Now iPads are a mainstay of cafés and restaurants, catering to everything from tableside ordering to digital menus and Point of Sale. Coupled with an iPad holder, this device has revolutionised the industry, replacing cumbersome legacy POS technology and allowing for greater speed, better service and an improved patron experience. If you’re wondering how that’s been accomplished, here’s how to use your iPad in cafes and restaurants.
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<a href=''>Spotlight on Visitor Management Software series - Sine</a>
Spotlight on Visitor Management Software series - Sine
October 5, 2021
Effective and efficient visitor management is critical to businesses across a wealth of industries. Whether it is a government organisation, hospitality venue or educational facility, comprehensive visitor registration ensures workplace health and safety compliance in an era where tracking who is onsite, when, is more important than ever. In this series, we take a look at some of the most popular Visitor Management Software solutions available, with this month’s spotlight on Sine…
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<a href=''>Tablet stands for the 9th generation iPad 10.2 (2021)</a>
Tablet stands for the 9th generation iPad 10.2 (2021)
September 30, 2021
Apple’s latest incarnation of the iPad has just hit stores, with the 2021 10.2-inch iPad set to offer increased speed, improved performance, and the most budget-friendly price tag available in the current iPad range. So, let’s look at what’s on offer in the current model, how this iPad can be used in business, and the tablet stands available to transform a humble iPad into an essential business device.
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<a href=''>How to choose a tablet stand for your business</a>
How to choose a tablet stand for your business
September 23, 2021
Whether it’s tableside ordering in a restaurant, mobile Point of Sale in a clothing store, or a self-serve kiosk in a bank, tablets and iPads have quickly become commonplace in business. Affordability, scalability, and convenience are just some of the benefits they offer, but if you’re using tablets in a business environment, they don’t operate in isolation. When deploying tablets in a business, a tablet stand is also a necessity. So, what should you look for when it comes to selecting the right tablet stand? Well, there’s a bit of an art to choosing the right stand for the right occasion. With that in mind, here’s a quick guide on how to choose a tablet stand for your business.
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<a href=''>New Fold and Flip Galaxy smart phones released at Samsung Galaxy Unpacked</a>
New Fold and Flip Galaxy smart phones released at Samsung Galaxy Unpacked
September 21, 2021
Samsung has revealed its latest lineup of new products, with two new folding phones, new watches, and earbuds released as part of their Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event in August. It comes after a big year for the Korean company, with Galaxies already unveiled in January and the new Galaxy Book in April. So, let’s look at what Samsung’s been up to, with a round-up of all their latest news.
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<a href=''>POS Feature - Square moves into buy now, pay later</a>
POS Feature - Square moves into buy now, pay later
September 16, 2021
In this month's highlight on Point of Sale (POS) Software, we take a look at Square who looks set to embrace buy now and pay later (BNPL) after moving to buy Australian firm Afterpay Ltd. In a proposed deal that has been recommended by the Afterpay board and is currently being put to shareholders, Square will purchase the Australian company in Q1 2022 for $39 million (US$29 million). Should it come to fruition, it will mark the biggest-ever buyout of an Australian company.
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<a href=''>iPhone 13, new iPad, and Apple Watch 7 unveiled at Apple’s September event</a>
iPhone 13, new iPad, and Apple Watch 7 unveiled at Apple’s September event
September 15, 2021
Apple has hosted its September event, unveiling a swathe of new products, including an updated iPad, iPad Mini, Apple Watch 7, and the highly anticipated iPhone 13. So, let’s take a quick virtual spin of all the new Apple items on offer…
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<a href=''>PizzaMan Dan's</a>
PizzaMan Dan's
September 9, 2021
With eight locations across Ventura County, California, PizzaMan Dan’s is serious about pizza. So serious, in fact, owner Dan Collier has covered his prized Corvette in pepperoni decals and is renowned as the official ‘Big Cheese’ of pizza, subs and wings. PizzaMan Dan’s is also serious about service, having provided over three million meals to loyal patrons in the past 20 years, including 100,000 pounds of hot wings last year alone. So, when they were looking for a service solution to accommodate mobile ordering, the Bosstab tablet stands were the perfect solution.
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<a href=''>Apple news  - All eyes on September event</a>
Apple news - All eyes on September event
September 1, 2021
All may have gone quiet in the Apple camp in recent weeks, but one thing’s for sure, behind the scenes the tech co will be working on the latest and greatest incarnations of their hugely popular devices. And with the arrival of September, the likelihood is there’s set to be an announcement in some form sooner rather than later. So, let’s take a look at what’s happening in the Apple camp in the lead up…
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<a href=''>Top 10 apps teachers can use in the classroom</a>
Top 10 apps teachers can use in the classroom
August 15, 2021
There's no shortage of options available when it comes to apps that offer value in the education sector. In fact, the past decade has seen a suite of tools evolve that are designed to improve the learning experience and make the lives of teachers easier. From language apps to classroom organization and general tech tools for students to utilize, here are 10 top apps teachers can use in the classroom.
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<a href=''>US quarterly retail update – From ‘great uncertainty’ to ‘clear recovery’</a>
US quarterly retail update – From ‘great uncertainty’ to ‘clear recovery’
August 2, 2021
As the US retail sector heads into the second half of the year, analysts note the landscape has shifted from great uncertainty to clear recovery. Key indicators, including the National Retail Federation’s annual forecast and Census monthly sales figures all indicate the sector is on the up after the unprecedented hardship of 2020. Here’s what the data reveals…
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<a href=''>Best charging solutions for iPads and tablets</a>
Best charging solutions for iPads and tablets
July 15, 2021
Whatever way you use your iPad or tablet, that niggly little need to top up your battery is probably something you deal with on a regular basis. After all, as fabulous as mobile technology is, charging it is part and parcel of the modern world. Which begs the question, what are the best charging solutions for iPads and tablets? Well often that depends on exactly how that tablet or iPad is used. But to assist, here’s a quick guide on some of the options available to have you powered up and ready to go.
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<a href=''>The best iPads of 2021</a>
The best iPads of 2021
July 13, 2021
Each year, Apple adds to its line-up of popular iPads with new models that improve on the features of the past. Through consistent upgrades and constant revision, the tech-co has retained its position as the number one tablet manufacturer in the world, with 54.34 per cent global market share. That means Apple sells more than twice as many tablets as the nearest competitor Samsung, and more than all other tablet manufacturers combined.
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<a href=''>Best charging cables for iPads and tablets in 2021</a>
Best charging cables for iPads and tablets in 2021
June 15, 2021
It’s not exactly the most glamourous side of the tech industry, but the charging cable you select to power your iPad or tablet can make a world of difference when it comes speed of recharge and general productivity. Pick the wrong option and it can randomly stop working, prove incompatible, or offer a highly frustrating intermittent experience where it’s luck of the draw as to whether your tablet is charged or not. Pick the right offering, and that cable is likely to last a lot longer while offering an effortless and swift charging experience. It all begs the question, what exactly are the best charging cables currently available? So, let’s take a quick look at the best charging cables for iPads and tablets in 2021.
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<a href=''>Best business tablets of 2021</a>
Best business tablets of 2021
May 28, 2021
When it comes to selecting the right tablet for your business, there’s no shortage of options to choose from. All the big-name brands have tablets targeted squarely at the business realm as the workforce becomes increasingly mobile and tablets are utilised for additional purposes such as mPOS, customer check-in, visitor sign-on and more. But which are the best tablets currently available? Here are six of the best business tablets of 2021…
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<a href=''>The best iPad holders for visitor registration in 2021</a>
The best iPad holders for visitor registration in 2021
May 19, 2021
It’s fair to say visitor registration has changed a lot in the past couple of years. Between increasingly stringent workplace health and safety requirements and contact tracing, registering visitors at a workplace or site has never been more important. In many locations the humble iPad is happily serving this role, using readily available software to facilitate visitor registration efficiently and affordably.
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<a href=''>Best ways to charge your iPad in 2021</a>
Best ways to charge your iPad in 2021
May 7, 2021
As the world becomes increasingly mobile, we’re relying more and more on the battery power of our devices, and these days there are wealth of options when it comes to keeping devices like your iPad charged. There are also some tips and tricks to ensure your battery life lasts longer, along with some hints on reducing that charging time. So, let’s kick off in the arena of the world’s most popular tablet, with the best ways to charge your iPad in 2021.
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<a href=''>New iPad Pro, iMacs and more unveiled at Apple Spring Loaded</a>
New iPad Pro, iMacs and more unveiled at Apple Spring Loaded
April 27, 2021
A new iPad Pro, an iMac in a whole range of colours, and a purple iPhone 12 are among the line-up of products announced by Apple at their recent Spring Loaded event on April 20. Meanwhile, the Apple TV also received an upgrade and the tech giant also rolled out some super nifty accessories to help people find random things. So, let’s take a lightning speed tour through all the products revealed during Apple’s first major event for 2021…
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<a href=''>Apple unveils the iPad Pro 2021</a>
Apple unveils the iPad Pro 2021
April 23, 2021
Apple has officially unveiled its iPad Pro for 2021, and as expected it does indeed feature 5G. That’s not the only upgrade to the top-of-the-line tablet, so here’s a quick snapshot of what’s available in the latest edition of the iPad Pro…
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<a href=''>Apple on the cusp if revealing 5G iPad</a>
Apple on the cusp if revealing 5G iPad
April 19, 2021
The biggest player in the tablet market could be on the cusp of revealing their first 5G model, with Apple tipped to finally unveil a 5G compatible iPad Pro in the coming weeks. The move would mark a long-awaited embrace of the newest mobile internet technology by a company that continues to hold over half the tablet market share globally.
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<a href=''>The top wall-mount tablet holders For Samsung Galaxy tablets</a>
The top wall-mount tablet holders For Samsung Galaxy tablets
March 25, 2021
Apple’s iPad might have traditionally dominated the tablet sphere, but Samsung is quickly making up ground, which means more and more Samsung tablets are making their way into the business environment. Used for everything from working on the go to mobile Point of Sale, information kiosks, and customer check-in, the Samsung Galaxy, with its Android operating system, is proving a viable and affordable alternative for business. But when you are using your Samsung tablet in a commercial environment, what’s the best way to secure it and access it? Well one option is a tablet holder with wall-mount, which allows staff or customers to readily access to the device, while securing it. This option minimises the space required and keeps cords out of sight. So, let’s explore the tablet holder and wall mount options available for Samsung tablets…
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<a href=''>7 benefits of using iPads and tablets in schools</a>
7 benefits of using iPads and tablets in schools
March 12, 2021
Just as the humble iPad and tablet have made their way into households and business, they have also found a place in the classroom, providing an economical and interactive learning tool for the digital age. Efficient, cost effective, and mobile, here are seven benefits of using iPads and tablets in schools.
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<a href=''>How to use iPads and tablets for business</a>
How to use iPads and tablets for business
March 5, 2021
If rumours are to be believed, Apple could be just weeks away from releasing its latest iPad, with March traditionally the time of year when they unveil the newest edition of the iPad Pro. While that model is squarely targeted at intensive business use, even the garden variety iPad and other model tablets have a role to play in business. So how can you use an iPad or tablet for business? Well in so, so many ways…
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<a href=''>How to protect iPads and tablets in school</a>
How to protect iPads and tablets in school
February 16, 2021
As education takes an increasingly digital turn, more and more iPads and tablets are making their way into the classroom. Along the way they are arming children with technological skills and interactive learning experiences that range from apps and games to immersive artificial intelligence and real-life simulations. But devices don’t come cheap, and for the schools embracing them there’s a significant investment in hardware that’s worth protecting against theft, loss and damage. Here’s a quick guide to protecting iPads and tablets in schools, and some of the best tools available to assist.
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<a href=''>Top five iPad wall mounts</a>
Top five iPad wall mounts
February 11, 2021
If you’re looking for a streamlined way to offer mobile Point of Sale, customer check-in, digital signage or visitor management, then a wall-mounted iPad might be just the tool you’re looking for. Sleek, modern and unobtrusive, wall-mounted tablets save space while offering an appealing addition to your business. So, what tablet stands exactly suit that purpose? In this post we’ll look at iPad wall mounts, in the knowledge the perennially popular iPad range remains one of the favoured tools in business.
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<a href=''>Samsung S21 line-up set to hit the shelves</a>
Samsung S21 line-up set to hit the shelves
January 29, 2021
Samsung has unveiled its latest premium smartphone line-up, with the Galaxy S21, S21 Plus, and S21 Ultra 5G set to hit shelves on January 29. With the base model cheaper than last year’s was at launch, this year sees a few tweaks but also some reduced specs, while the gap between standard and Ultra has become noticeably wider. So, what does this latest Samsung Galaxy S21 line-up deliver?
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<a href=''>Top 5 Premium tablet stands</a>
Top 5 Premium tablet stands
January 21, 2021
Whether you’re fitting out a café, putting the final touches on your retail point of sale, or adding an information kiosk to your customer service area, if you’re deploying a mobile tablet as part of your business hardware, you’ll need a stand to match that tablet’s use. So, when it comes to premium tablet stands, what should you be looking for and what’s available? Let’s take a walk through the role of a premium tablet stand, and which products are likely to suit.
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<a href=''>The Top 5 Tablet Stands for Microsoft Surface Tablets in 2020</a>
The Top 5 Tablet Stands for Microsoft Surface Tablets in 2020
December 16, 2020
Running the Windows operating system, Microsoft has created a Surface tablet range that is renowned for its ability to “work on the go”. Ranging from the compact and durable Surface Go to the top of the line Surface Pro and Pro X, the line-up plays to the tech giant’s strength as the creator of Windows, maximising the operating system and delivering devices that are suited to office use, mobile Point of Sale, information kiosks, feedback terminals and more. If you’re looking to deploy a Microsoft Surface tablet in any of these roles, here’s a rundown on the best tablet holders and stands available to showcase, protect and secure your device.
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<a href=''>Biggest tablet announcements and improvements in 2020</a>
Biggest tablet announcements and improvements in 2020
November 23, 2020
Tech announcements might have been accompanied by a little less fanfare than usual in 2020, but there have been some major improvements in the tablet world throughout the year. From improved artificial intelligence to increased app support and cutting-edge processors, here are the biggest tablet announcements and improvements in 2020.
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<a href=''>The top 5 tablet stands for Samsung Galaxy tablets in 2020</a>
The top 5 tablet stands for Samsung Galaxy tablets in 2020
November 17, 2020
When it comes to tablets, two major players dominate the market– Apple with the iPad and Samsung with their ever-increasing range of tablet options. In fact, Samsung currently holds a 22 per cent market share due to a line-up that ranges from budget friendly to high-spec tablets running either the Windows or Android operating system. This combination of various price points and a choice of operating systems sees Samsung widely deployed in all manner of commercial settings – from information kiosks to feedback terminals, mobile Point of Sale and more. If you’re looking to tap into the popularity of Samsung and utilise your tablet in a commercial setting, a stand is a must, acting to secure and protect the device, while allowing it to fulfil its business purpose. With that in mind, here are the top five tablet stands for Samsung Galaxy Tablets in 2020
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<a href=''>Top 5 tablet stands for iPad in 2020</a>
Top 5 tablet stands for iPad in 2020
November 5, 2020
Whether it’s a visitor sign-in kiosk or a mobile Point of Sale, finding the right tablet stand to secure your device helps safeguard it against damage or even theft, and extends its usability. The perfect tablet stand will also enhance the look and appeal of your premises, adding to the design and feel of your store, office or commercial site. So, which iPad stand should you choose? Here we narrow down the best tablet stands for iPad in 2020, along with a few tips on what to consider.
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<a href=''>Samsung releases budget-friendly Galaxy Tab A7</a>
Samsung releases budget-friendly Galaxy Tab A7
October 29, 2020
As Samsung’s budget friendly Android tablet, the Galaxy Tab A series doesn’t tend to command a lot of media coverage when it gets an upgrade. However, 2020 has indeed delivered a new incarnation of this popular tablet in the form of the A7 and it includes a quality build, 10.4-inch screen, and a definite focus on entertainment. So, let’s take a sneak peek under the hood of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7, including how exactly this tablet can be used in business.
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<a href=''>Improving the in-store experience with tablets</a>
Improving the in-store experience with tablets
September 11, 2020
Real world retail is all about the customer experience, and it’s never been so important than it is now in the wake of Covid-19. Customers are currently seeking an in-store experience that offers them convenience, product insight, and staff knowledge that goes above and beyond the online world. All of these areas can be improved by deploying mobile tablets. Here’s an insight into eight ways tablets can improve the in-store experience in retail…
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<a href=''>Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 Plus revealed</a>
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 Plus revealed
August 21, 2020
Samsung has unveiled its latest tablet, and already its attracting high praise. Just two weeks after the release of the Galaxy Tab S7, commentators are labelling this latest offering an “alternative to the iPad” and “one of the best Android tablets” currently available. So, what is Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, and who is it aimed at?
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<a href=''>Five ways to embrace contactless service</a>
Five ways to embrace contactless service
June 12, 2020
With Covid-19 seeing a focus on hygiene and sanitisation, many businesses are seizing the opportunity to go contactless. From tap-n-go payments to advanced check-in and online booking systems, reducing the need for customers to physically visit a business or touch items helps instil peace of mind, minimise the threat of illness to customers and staff, reduces staff workload, and improves business efficiency. Here are five ways to embrace contactless service in a brave new post-Covid-19 world.
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<a href=''>How to sanitize your tablet in the age of coronavirus</a>
How to sanitize your tablet in the age of coronavirus
March 18, 2020
As attention to hygiene, handwashing and social distancing sweeps the globe in the wake of COVID-19, more and more organizations are taking extra steps to clean and sanitize their workplace environments. Often this sanitization includes items that staff or customers commonly touch, including door handles, phone receivers and yes even tablets and payment processors. So as the worldwide effort steps up to stop the spread of coronavirus, here’s a guide on how to sanitize your workplace tablets.
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<a href=''>Company benefits of an automated Visitor Management System</a>
Company benefits of an automated Visitor Management System
March 13, 2020
For businesses looking to streamline their guest registration and improve the security of their premises, automated Visitor Management Systems offer a wealth of benefits. Efficient, cost effective and scalable, they provide a professional welcome to any workplace while slashing the paperwork involved in registering visitors at a site. Here are seven benefits to business of Visitor Management Systems, and just some of the software options available.
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<a href=''>Tablets in the waiting room</a>
Tablets in the waiting room
March 2, 2020
Mobile tablets have become a common feature of the healthcare sector. Used by physicians to input and view data quickly, they are speeding up access to information while also improving the patient experience. Increasingly these mobile tablets are also making their way into waiting rooms and they are doing so in a host of different ways. So why would you use mobile tablets in your waiting room and how would you implement them to best effect?
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<a href=''>Five ways to streamline meetings</a>
Five ways to streamline meetings
February 23, 2020
Meetings are a must for the majority of workplaces, but for many they can also take up too much valuable time, stealing productivity and causing frustration for attendees. So how can you streamline the meeting experience to ensure it sticks to schedule, stays on task and enhances rather than detracts from the productivity of the workplace?
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<a href=''>Top tips for providing a warm welcome at reception</a>
Top tips for providing a warm welcome at reception
February 19, 2020
The reception area sets the tone for any business. It’s the starting point for the relationship that customers or clientele will have with your brand, and the area where people form a lasting first impression of the experience they’re about to enjoy. That makes a warm, friendly reception area a must as a place to showcase your professional ethos and commence the journey which defines your business values. Here are the top tips for transforming the reception into a place that offers a warm, professional welcome, while espousing the values of your brand.
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<a href=''>Training your staff with an iPad</a>
Training your staff with an iPad
February 9, 2020
Whether you’re upskilling current staff or inducting new employees, ongoing training is pretty much standard for every workplace. One of the major tools emerging as a training aid is the humble iPad. Technology like iPads allows you to deliver training in a mobile form in a way that can be visually appealing, user-friendly and interactive. In the process it can cut down on reams and reams of paperwork, and make it easier to keep your manuals, processes, and product information up to date. So, what are some of the ways iPads can be used for training?
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<a href=''>10 years of iPad - How it transformed business</a>
10 years of iPad - How it transformed business
February 3, 2020
A decade ago almost to this day, Apple revealed a revolutionary new product which would take the world by storm. First unveiled by Steve Jobs on January 27, 2010, the game-changing iPad proved a truly groundbreaking tablet and one which continues to dominate the market 10 years later. By the time Apple stopped revealing specific iPad sales in 2018, more than 400 million units of the various generations had been sold. In the process Apples established a dominant market share that continues to account for almost a third of all global tablet sales. Here’s how the iPad proved a business success far beyond Apple’s wildest dreams…
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<a href=''>Ready to upgrade to a smart home?</a>
Ready to upgrade to a smart home?
January 31, 2020
Way back in 2018, LG Electronics US marketing vice-president David VanderWaal told the crowd assembled at CES, the world was at a tipping point for the smart home and, “more importantly, for the smart connected lifestyle”. Two years later, his words ring true. Courtesy of smart speakers and an increasing array of smart products, the home is now more connected than ever before as adoption of connected devices and appliances continues to rise. So, if you’re among the many who are looking to upgrade to a smart home, here’s a quick insight on adopting smart tech without breaking the bank.
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<a href=''>How to set up a check-in kiosk</a>
How to set up a check-in kiosk
January 23, 2020
Whether you manage a movie theatre, host events and conferences or run a five-star resort, cutting the queue and expediting check-in is one way of improving that all-important customer experience. Meanwhile, establishing a self-service check-in is a lot easier than many would have you believe, involving just a small investment in a mobile tablet, software and a stand. If you’ve ever wondered how you might go about setting up a self-service check-in, here’s how to set up a check-in kiosk.
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<a href=''>10 easy ways to reduce your screen time</a>
10 easy ways to reduce your screen time
January 1, 2020
With the New Year comes new resolutions and for many, reducing screen time will be among their priorities in 2020. In fact, last year renowned analyst Mary Meeker noted people spend more time on the internet and devices than ever before, with a large percentage of adults now actively attempting to minimise their screen time and device use. So, here are 10 easy ways to reduce your screen time in 2020.
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<a href=''>Six ways to improve the customer experience with tablets</a>
Six ways to improve the customer experience with tablets
December 3, 2019
In the hugely competitive arena of fashion retail, the customer experience and personalised service are paramount, particularly when it comes to establishing a brand which resonates with consumers. That’s where technology like tablets is making real inroads into retail, allowing store management to better cater to the needs and wishes of their increasingly educated consumer. Here are six ways to improve the customer experience with tablet holders.
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<a href=''>10 ways to use iPads in classrooms</a>
10 ways to use iPads in classrooms
November 20, 2019
Across the education sector, tablets in schools are becoming a common phenomenon, allowing teachers to harness the power of technology to improve the learning journey in a host of different ways. From research to education apps and interactive experiences, here are 10 ways to use tablets in the classroom…
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<a href=''>How tablets help teachers cater to the different learning styles</a>
How tablets help teachers cater to the different learning styles
November 18, 2019
It’s widely understood that when it comes to learning, students engage with content in very different ways. Some respond best to seeing information and taking notes, others perform better when they hear information and discuss it, while further still need to interact with the object of learning and physically experience it. In fact, experts believe there are up to seven types of learner profiles and for teachers this can prove a major challenge. Luckily, it’s an area where technology like mobile tablets can assist. Not only do they help students gain access to information, tablets in schools can help them better cater to their own unique learning style. Here’s how…
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<a href=''>How tablet technology is helping nurses and doctors</a>
How tablet technology is helping nurses and doctors
October 28, 2019
Mobile, user-friendly and accessible, tablet technology is making its way into a wealth of sectors, with healthcare among the major industries where its benefits are being realised. Used everywhere from hospitals to virtual health and general practitioner’s offices, tablets have the potential to revolutionise the way healthcare professionals do their jobs. Two of the professions enjoying the very real benefits of tablet technology are nurses and doctors, who now have access to information on-the-go along with a research tool at their fingertips that can also allow them to virtually assess and liaise with patients. Here are just some of the ways tablet technology is helping nurses and doctors.
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<a href=''>Stands now available for the iPad 10.2 7th Gen</a>
Stands now available for the iPad 10.2 7th Gen
October 24, 2019
Just weeks after the 7th generation iPad hit stores, Bosstab has unveiled its Fusion enclosure for the device, allowing Apple’s most affordable and popular iPad to be deployed as a kiosk or mobile Point of Sale in commercial settings. Tailored to the increased size of the latest iPad, the Fusion enclosure suits a variety of different stand heights and mountings, allowing the iPad to be utilised in retail outlets, hospitality, business and customer service environments. It comes as the iPad 7th generation looks primed to be one of Apple’s most popular iPads to date. Here’s an insight into what it offers.
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<a href=''>The impact of online shopping vs in store shopping</a>
The impact of online shopping vs in store shopping
October 22, 2019
Over the past couple of years, there’s been much talk of online retail and the impact it’s having on the bricks and mortar realm. Major e-commerce players like Amazon have re-shaped the shopping experience, offering consumers the convenience of purchasing from their office, their home or in transit courtesy of online storefronts. But according to National Retail Federation President and CEO Matthew Shay, online retail hasn’t posed the threat many assumed it would. Rather than replacing the traditional shopping experience, many real-world retailers have come to embrace it, providing new and innovative ways to offer greater convenience, a better experience and an improved customer journey. Here’s an insight into online versus in store in 2019, and why it’s far from the cause of the ‘retail apocalypse’ that many assumed it would be.
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<a href=''>The importance of tablet security</a>
The importance of tablet security
October 16, 2019
Whether it’s your mobile Point of Sale, your customer feedback kiosk, or your meeting room booking device, tablets are becoming an increasingly common tool of choice across workplaces everywhere. As such, they’re a valuable piece of hardware that is likely to be essential to day-to-day business operations or the customer experience you are looking to create. And, just as you would protect your premises from damage, break-ins and other threats, you should be protecting your tablets from both cyber and physical risks. Here’s an insight into the importance of tablet security and how you can ensure that your business investment in the mobile age comes with minimal risk.
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<a href=''>The benefits of tablets in cafes and restaurants</a>
The benefits of tablets in cafes and restaurants
October 14, 2019
In an age of customer service and business efficiency, tablets are transforming the hospitality experience when it comes to both cafés and restaurants. Streamlining both customer ordering and back of house business operations, restaurants deploying tablets as their mobile POS reportedly see a 10 per cent increase in the average check size. But that’s not the only reward. Here are the top benefits of employing mobile tablets in cafes and restaurants.
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<a href=''>Introducing tablet and iPad stands in Hotels</a>
Introducing tablet and iPad stands in Hotels
October 7, 2019
If there are two simple words that sum up the key focus of the modern hotel experience, they are ‘comfort’ and ‘convenience’. And one of the humble heroes working hard to deliver both in hospitality is the mobile tablet.
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<a href=''>Why use a tablet-based visitor management system?</a>
Why use a tablet-based visitor management system?
September 25, 2019
From schools, to government buildings and business, many entities are required to track the visitors they have on site in the interests of safety and security. And for many of these organizations, that visitor management system is paper based, relying on a receptionist or staff member to welcome people to a building, sign them in and then log them out at their end of their visit. It’s tedious, time consuming and creates a cumbersome paper trail. It also no longer needs to be that way, with many businesses now turning to simple software and tablets that can fulfill this compliance at a fraction of the cost. So, what is a tablet-based visitor management system, how does it work, and what benefits will it offer?
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<a href=''>What should I consider when buying a tablet stand?</a>
What should I consider when buying a tablet stand?
June 24, 2019
Whether you’re looking to use mobile tablets as a customer service aide, a point of sale or as a digital signage tool, the enclosure and stand you employ to secure and showcase your device should be carefully considered to meet your business needs. If you’re wondering what you need to consider when buying a tablet stand, here’s a handy checklist…
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<a href=''>Six ways iPads and mobile tablets are used in airports</a>
Six ways iPads and mobile tablets are used in airports
May 19, 2019
From customer check-in to the airplane cockpit, iPads and mobile tablets have been employed in airports since they first became mainstream in about 2010. Their rollout has helped slash time spent in the queue, offer airport staff greater insight into what’s happening at any given moment and drastically reduced the paperwork involved in aviation. Here’s an insight into six ways iPads and mobile tablets are used in airports
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<a href=''>What's the best tablet for my tablet kiosk stand?</a>
What's the best tablet for my tablet kiosk stand?
February 25, 2019
In the wide world of tablets, there’s a wealth of choice, a large variation in price and a big difference in the features available within each operating system. So which type of tablet and operating system is the best when it comes to setting up a kiosk or mobile Point of Sale? In this article, we weigh the pros and cons across various categories to determine the best tablet for kiosks.
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<a href=''>Surface Go stand now available</a>
Surface Go stand now available
January 11, 2019
If financial records are anything to go by, Microsoft is gaining ground in the tablet race, with its recently released Surface Go taking on the Apple iPad and driving a bumper period of sales. And in good news for the growing league of fans, Bosstab is accommodating the uptake with a Surface Go stand that allows users to employ the increasingly popular device in commercial settings.
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<a href=''>5 Handy iPad Stands</a>
5 Handy iPad Stands
December 31, 2018
If you've ever walked into the Apple store, anywhere in the world, you'll notice one very remarkable thing: It's always packed. Part of the appeal, of course, are the products: Apple products are coveted. But part of the attraction is the customer or user's experience. Apple stores are strategically set up in a way that not only invites the customer in but encourages them to use the products that are set up on the tables — including tablets, smartphones, laptops and more. In brick-and-mortar stores, in fact, there is an awareness by retail brands that part of the customer experience is bringing the digital, "do it yourself" ethic into the shopping process. This means that customers should be able to access digital technology such as iPads, tablets and even smartphones when gaining discounts using QR codes, ordering new items or learning about the specs of a product before purchasing. In other words, the set up of digital interfaces in physical stores matters to the customer experience. And to facilitate this integration, here are 10 of the best iPad and tablet holders that enhance the customer's in-store experience in the age of e-commerce.
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