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When it comes to tablets, two major players dominate the market– Apple with the iPad and Samsung with their ever-increasing range of tablet options.

In fact, Samsung currently holds a 22 per cent market share due to a line-up that ranges from budget friendly to high-spec tablets running either the Windows or Android operating system.

This combination of various price points and a choice of operating systems sees Samsung widely deployed in all manner of commercial settings – from information kiosks to feedback terminals, mobile Point of Sale and more.

If you’re looking to tap into the popularity of Samsung and utilise your tablet in a commercial setting, a stand is a must, acting to secure and protect the device, while allowing it to fulfil its business purpose.

With that in mind, here are the top five tablet stands for Samsung Galaxy Tablets in 2020


Our lifestyle, our work life, our shopping habits…few areas of life have been left untouched by the threat of COVID-19 in 2020.

We are avoiding crowded places, we have been working from home, and we are more aware of who we come into close proximity with than ever before.

As businesses continue to reopen and embrace the new normal, technology, including tablets, is playing a critical role. Here are just some of the ways that humble mobile tablets are helping business reopen across the globe…


Whether it’s a visitor sign-in kiosk or a mobile Point of Sale, finding the right tablet stand to secure your device helps safeguard it against damage or even theft, and extends its usability.

The perfect tablet stand will also enhance the look and appeal of your premises, adding to the design and feel of your store, office or commercial site.

So, which iPad stand should you choose? Here we narrow down the best tablet stands for iPad in 2020, along with a few tips on what to consider.


As Samsung’s budget friendly Android tablet, the Galaxy Tab A series doesn’t tend to command a lot of media coverage when it gets an upgrade.

However, 2020 has indeed delivered a new incarnation of this popular tablet in the form of the A7 and it includes a quality build, 10.4-inch screen, and a definite focus on entertainment.

So, let’s take a sneak peek under the hood of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7, including how exactly this tablet can be used in business.


Long before Covid-19 saw everyone embrace a contactless world, visitor management was changing. Traditional sign-in systems involving paper and pen were becoming passé, while digital sign-in kiosks were opening new doors to environmental benefits and improved operational efficiency.

Now of course, digital sign-in is proving invaluable as businesses pivot to adapt to a contactless landscape where accountability for who visits your premises is paramount.

The bottom line is, visitor management has changed for good, and there are some innovative ways to cater to the trend.


Of all the benefits that mobile tablets have delivered in terms of convenience, one of the standout uses is mobile Point of Sale (mPOS).

Portable, affordable and scalable, mPOS has reinvented the traditional Point of Sale, allowing retailers greater flexibility and adaptability in a rapidly shifting and increasingly competitive retail landscape.

Here’s an insight into mPOS and its many, many benefits…


A fully redesigned iPad Air and an upgraded 10.2-inch iPad are among the latest line-up of Apple products announced at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2020.

The iPad Air 4 is set to deliver some of the popular features of the Pro at a more affordable price point, while the 10.2-inch iPad offers improved specs on the previous model.

Here’s a snapshot of the new iPads launched at WWDC on September 15.


Real world retail is all about the customer experience, and it’s never been so important than it is now in the wake of Covid-19.

Customers are currently seeking an in-store experience that offers them convenience, product insight, and staff knowledge that goes above and beyond the online world.

All of these areas can be improved by deploying mobile tablets. Here’s an insight into eight ways tablets can improve the in-store experience in retail…