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Tablets and iPads offer a truly mobile learning experience, allowing students to take their device from class to class or into the great outdoors.

Lighter than a laptop, and with fewer cumbersome components, they are particularly well-suited to the junior years when intuitive use is key.

benefits of using ipads and tablets in schools 1


iPads and tablets facilitate learning in a host of different ways courtesy of interactive apps that allow instant input and feedback.

This enables educators to support traditional learning with apps that further instill numeracy and literacy skills through gamified education.

In fact research conducted in Northern Ireland in 2017 found iPads introduced into early learning environments and primary schools had a positive effect on the development of children’s literacy and numeracy skills.

The report also noted:

  • the iPad had the potential to enhance children’s numeracy skills in a more engaging and exciting way than traditional approaches.
  • the use of digital technology complemented existing teaching approaches in numeracy, rather than replacing them.
  • children’s fine motor skills were reinforced when they used a stylus to practice letter formation on screen.
  • the iPads increased children’s confidence and ownership of learning.
  • the introduction of iPads had a positive impact on teachers’ motivation and enthusiasm.


Whether it’s via augmented reality that virtually transports the student back in time, through PowerPoint presentations that can be swiftly put together for oral presentations, or through apps like iMovie that allow students to create videos, iPads and tablets are incredibly versatile.

Loaded with apps that are accessed via the Cloud, they facilitate different types of learning, including new and engaging ways to complete assessable tasks.

Ultimately, that means iPads can be utilised in a host of different ways – as a static kiosk complete with tablet holder in a library, as a bank of computers in the classroom or as a mobile device that goes with the student.

benefits of using ipads and tablets in schools 2


Textbooks, printing, and paper can be incredibly costly for any educational facility, while also having a negative environmental impact.

In recent years that’s seen a push for schools to reduce their paperwork.

One report notes, in Australia alone, using paper is estimated to cost schools between $20,000 and $30,000 each year due to the photocopying, filing, and printing involved.

In the meantime, reducing paper also saves time, with up to 10 per cent of administrative time devoted to reporting and managing student services, and fulfilling paperwork, while less than 1 per cent goes to evaluating curriculums, fundraising, and professional development.

iPads and tablets on the other hand are economical, with one device allowing access to apps, assessments, textbooks, research tools, and so much more.

Gamified education

A true benefit of using digital tools like iPads and tablets is that it gamifies education, with the Northern Ireland study also noting children who used devices considered learning as “play”.

This helps cater to different learning styles, adding a fun element to the educational environment.

Easy assessment

In late primary school and beyond into the senior years, iPads and tablets allow for easy assessment of curriculum tasks.

When paired with email, messaging and apps, they allow students to file their assessments, record exactly when work was submitted, and simplify the marking, assessment, and feedback process.

benefits of using ipads and tablets in schools 3

Embracing the digital age

Finally, technology like iPads and tablets allows students to embrace the digital age as a foundation of their education.

It allows tech knowledge to become intuitive, setting them up for a life where digital fluency will be core to their career and other areas of their lives.

Protecting iPads and tablets

While economical and efficient, tablets and iPads are an investment for any educational facility and should be protected accordingly.

That means schools should look to durable iPad holders, tablet stands and device enclosures that protect hardware from theft, knocks and general day-to-day use.

You can view our range of tablet holders and iPad holders suited to the educational environment here.

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