Spotlight on POS – Square features

March 3, 2022

For retailers, restaurants, cafes and a whole host of businesses looking to set up a quick and effective Point of Sale, Square is a highly popular software option.

Easy to set up and affordable to use, the software offers a suite of features needed to run a business.

So, let’s take a quick tour of those features and how they help businesses manage sales, inventory and so much more…



Square allows businesses to take payments in person and via e-commerce in various ways, including debit cards, credit cards and digital wallet payments such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

The software also has an inbuilt feature that enables the creation of customized invoices, which can be sent straight from a POS system on a mobile device or from a laptop right to your customers’ inboxes.

In addition, gift cards are easy to manage and are integrated into the POS system and Square Dashboard. They’re simple to sell, redeem, track and reload.

To access the funds processed via Square, the user can manually transfer them to the nominated bank account or regularly set up an automatic transfer. The funds are available as soon as the next day.

Refunds are also made easy, with the ability to process custom or itemized refunds directly from the POS system or the online Square Dashboard.

The system then has a series of security measures to protect payments. These include fraud protection and monitoring, encrypted payments, dispute resolution, employee permissions, and optional two-factor identification.

When it comes to paying, bills can be split between customers and tips can also be factored in.

Receipts for payments can then be printed out using a compatible printer, or there is the option of sending them directly to the customer’s email address or mobile phone.

These receipts reflect an itemized breakdown of a whole number and decimal quantities, discounts and applicable taxes.

They can also be customized to suit the business.

Inventory and item input

Square allows for the swift input of inventory and items.

Items can be added via bulk import or individually, and images can be included. There is also the option to add modifiers to each item, such as toppings, add-ons or special requests.

Items can be listed individually on the POS, or grouped in categories, and automatic discounts can be applied to specific items, categories, quantities, daily specials or limited time offers.

Online and in-person

online and in-person

Square offers the ability to make sales both online and in-person, with the data about items and their availability synced to the POS.

The software can run on mobile tablets, smartphones, or desktop and laptop computers when it comes to in-person sales.

It is then paired with a payment processor to take payments via credit card, debit card, or digital wallet. Businesses can choose between Square’s EFTPOS terminal, a dedicated magnetic stripe card processor, or the insert and tap n go card reader.

A digital receipt printer can then be added to allow for receipt printing, and barcode scanners can also be integrated with the system, as can cash drawers.


Behind the scenes, Square also provides a powerful suite of tools to help operators better manage their business.

These can be accessed via the Square dashboard, with some also available on the Square app.

Tools include:

  • Sales reports, including gross sales, sales count, sales by a staff member, and refunds by time period
  • Inventory management, including low stock alerts
  • Location management for multiple locations

In addition to being accessed online, these reports can also be downloaded and exported.

Square then offers further add-ons, including team management, loyalty initiatives, and email marketing.

Further integrations of commonly used business software are available at the Square App Marketplace. Access to the software API also allows businesses to tailor the system specifically to their needs.


When it comes to customer support, Square has a team of support staff available by phone or email.

There is also a helpful seller community to answer common questions, along with a suite of guides, articles and troubleshooting information to assist.

You can learn more about Square’s features here, or view our range of tablet stands suited to Square.

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