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August 12, 2022

The arrival of cloud-based restaurant point-of-sale solutions has provided owners and operators with unprecedented access to store and customer data in real-time. Unlike fixed position Window-based terminals, decentralized cloud-based hardware allows restaurants versatility to place merchant- and customer-facing devices in more convenient and accessible positions.

Aldelo Express POS users have successfully adapted their business operations and expanded customer services by implementing a modern point-of-sale restaurant platform that supports mobile and remote ordering payment capabilities, self-service kiosks, digital menus and online ordering, smart kitchen display systems, and QR-code-driven e-Gift, e-Loyalty, and e-Coupons, etc.

Aldelo Express restaurants select from a variety of available and supported interoperable devices, such as iPad and Android tablets, Android terminals, and Android mobile devices.

The reliability and flexibility of cloud-based solutions enables operators to mount tablets and/or payment devices indoors or outdoors on counters, tables, walls, and floor stands for better meeting restaurant application and customer service requirements.

Bracket and stand options from reputable and quality suppliers include design elements and mounting options that meet restaurant staff and customer requirements while adhering to local and ADA mounting regulations. Proper aesthetics, durability, and security are essential elements that restaurant owners demand.

Bosstab is a leading provider of premium tablet stands and mounts. With versatile mounting options that support any tablet model, their range is sure to meet any business application requirements. Bosstab’s stylish product line supports a diverse range of use cases without sacrificing security and durability.

Touch Universal Tablet Stand

Bracket and stand options from reputable and quality suppliers include design elements and mounting options that meet restaurant staff and customer requirements while adhering to local and ADA mounting regulations. Proper aesthetics, durability, and security are essential elements that restaurant owners demand.

Like “artwork on an easel,” the Bosstab Touch Universal tablet stand is designed to showcase applications and vibrant images securely from any iPad or tablet display without any enclosures, clamps, or cables, thereby maintaining a tablet’s slim and sleek look. The stand supports counter, wall mount, and floor stand configurations.

Elite Lockable Tablet Stand

For applications that require “added security,” the Elite Lockable tablet stand by Bosstab offers a lockable and durable enclosure design, with hidden cable management, available in counter, wall mount, and floor stand configurations. This model is designed for a variety of iPad and Android tablet devices.

Edge iPad 10.2 Tablet Stand

For Aldelo Express “mobility users,” the Edge iPad 10.2” tablet stand also supports a variety of iPad tablets and includes a unique clamp-based design that offers a simple security lock release option. Compatible with the Bosstab Nexus, Evo, and Floor Stand pole options, the stand is perfect for countertop and stand-alone kiosk applications.

Visit Aldelo at the upcoming WSAA Show

WSAA 2022

Visit Aldelo at the upcoming WSAA Show on September 7th - 8th for a personalised demo of Aldelo Express Cloud POS. They will be located at Booth #163 at the Huntington Beach Hyatt Regency. Register here.

All Aldelo Express POS users have 100% access to a Centralized, Multi-Store, Restaurant Technology Platform including Merchant and Customer-Facing Solutions.
Aldelo Express, Masa+ Online Ordering, Gift and Loyalty Programs, Unlimited Licenses, Software Releases, Software Upgrades and 24/7 Technical Support are always included!

Contact an Aldelo representative for more details, including a free Aldelo Express demo trial.

[email protected] | 877-639-8767 | [email protected]

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