The benefits of contactless feedback – what it is, why it matters

February 25, 2021

No matter the industry, this year has been all about meeting the customer expectation and that’s not likely to change as the page turns to 2021.

But how do you know what that expectation is how and how well you’re meeting it? You ask your customers and even your staff as well.

In the current era however, you need to find a feedback medium that’s contactless and that feedback also needs to be sought in the moment when the customer is making their purchasing decision.

So here’s an insight into contactless feedback, how you can implement it, and the benefits it offers.

The value of feedback


In the words of legendary business guru Peter Drucker: “The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer”.

However, keeping a customer is far more valuable to any business than creating a new one.

It has repeatedly been found that 80 per cent of business’ future profits come from just 20 per cent of their customers, which makes client retention the key to success.

That’s why it’s critical to understand how your current customer feels about your business and the services or products you offer.

This is where feedback comes into its own, with tools like Net Promoter Scores allowing a business to consistently gauge how likely customers are to be advocates for a business.

Email and app surveys no longer suffice

Traditionally businesses have drawn on a few key tools to seek feedback from their clients, but each comes with their own unique drawbacks.

When and where you seek feedback has an impact on how likely customers are to respond to a survey, and they need to be given a reason to impart their sentiment.

When it comes to gaining feedback, statistics indicate in-person feedback surveys tend to attract the highest rate of feedback at 57 per cent, but email and in app surveys elicit significantly lower volumes of responses.

  • In-person surveys – 57 per cent.
  • Mail surveys – 50 per cent.
  • Email surveys – 30 per cent.
  • Online surveys – 29 per cent.
  • Telephone surveys – 18 per cent.
  • In-app surveys – 13 per cent.

The major problem with all these methods is that none of them are instant. They fail to capture the customer sentiment in the moment that they’re engaging with a business.

Instant feedback allows business to identify problems quickly, but most importantly it can help a business find their missed opportunities, as in the people who walk into a business, but then walk out empty handed for reasons unknown.

Going contactless


This year has been all about contactless business. Covid-19 has resulted in the rapid adoption of contactless payments, contactless retail and so much more.

Seeking feedback can also be contactless, with tools like Moodly ExpressPods allowing you to also capture that feedback instantly.

Featuring customizable questionnaires and buttons that a patron can simply hover their finger above, Moodly ExpressPods allow a business to position feedback kiosks wherever they wish and encourage feedback that’s instant.

How to use contactless feedback terminals


Battery operated and customizable, Moodly’s contactless feedback terminals can be located anywhere within a business to seek feedback from customers, clients, patrons, and even staff at the most important moments of their experience.

The data is then fed to a central dashboard that compiles it into neat actionable insights and tips for improvement, including net promoter scores.

If you’re looking to take your feedback to the next level while embracing the contactless revolution, you can learn more about Moodly ExressPods here.

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