Spotlight on Visitor Management Software series - Sine

October 05, 2021

Effective and efficient visitor management is critical to businesses across a wealth of industries.

Whether it is a government organisation, hospitality venue or educational facility, comprehensive visitor registration ensures workplace health and safety compliance in an era where tracking who is onsite, when, is more important than ever.

In this series, we take a look at some of the most popular Visitor Management Software solutions available, with this month’s spotlight on Sine…

Sine software at a glance

Spotlight on Visitor Management Software series - Sine

Considered one of the best Visitor Management systems available, Sine is a Cloud-based system packed full of premium features.

It is suited to a range of industries, including construction, schools, hospitals, offices, and property management, spanning small, medium, and large-scale enterprises.

Key features

Spotlight on Visitor Management Software series - Sine

Sine is packed full of the features that businesses require in the current landscape, some of the most relevant include:

• Web, mobile and iPad check-in

• Contactless mobile check-in with QR codes and geofencing

• Secure, app-less Instant QR check-in

• Badge printing

• Custom visitor types for all visitors

• Capture visitor data with custom entry forms

• Pre-fill selected form fields for returning users

• Evacuation diagrams and safety entry forms

• Exit forms and incident reports

• Have legal agreements / NDAs signed

• View check-ins with live activity feed

• Host delegates to receive notifications

• Inductions and HSE systems for compliance*

• Check visitor temperatures with Thermal Check*

• Visitor check-out with facial recognition

How it works

Sine is a Cloud-based visitor management system used to welcome visitors, manage contractors, handle staff, and streamline workflows.

The software features an app that regular guests can download, along with a kiosk interface to welcome general visitors and a dashboard for staff to manage guests on-site.

The software allows an organisation to segment guests, depending on the reason for their visit, ensuring workplace health and safety protocols are ticked along the way.

For example, a visitor to a sports facility might trigger one set of check-in questions, while an athlete would trigger different check-in requirements, a tradesperson might need to provide licence or compliance details, and staff might be expedited through the sign-in process.

Site attendees can also sign-in using a variety of means including QR codes, photo ID for repeat guests, or geofencing onsite via the app.

Custom check-in forms can also be created, so organisations can manage their guests before they even arrive.

This feature allows the host organisation to send an email invite with check-in information and QR code to scan on arrival. Visitors can then sign any relevant non-disclosure agreements, view health and safety information, or complete induction forms prior to checking in.

When they arrive at the check-in, the relevant staff member can be notified to greet the guest, if required.

In the meantime, the Sine Pro web dashboard allows an organisation to track all visitors to a site and generate reports that can be shared with colleagues, or suppliers.

It also automatically highlights visitors who have been rejected by compliance systems or who have not checked out.

Who uses Sine?

Spotlight on Visitor Management Software series - Sine

Sine is used by major companies across the globe, spanning numerous industries. Users include sporting facilities such as stadiums, educational institutions such as colleges and universities, hospitals and healthcare providers, entertainment providers, government institutions, and more.

Notable inclusions

Simple check-in - Allow guests to check in via the iPad or the Sine free mobile apps at all sites.

Site geofencing - Sine sets up a virtual perimeter enabling guests to check in and out of a site swiftly, using the mobile app.

QR code scan - On arrival, visitors generate a QR code from their mobile and scan QR code to check in on the iPad.

Instant notifications - Be alerted when a visitor arrives and choose to accept or reject with messages.

Pre-screening - Allow guests to check in via the iPad or the Sine free mobile apps at all your sites.

Reporting and analytics - Track people flows at multiple sites and run reports on the purpose of a guest’s visit.

Pre-registration - Invite guests to fast track their check-in on arrival for meetings, seminars, and events.

Compliance - Have visitors confirm NDA’s, fire evacuation diagrams, and health and safety processes.

Badge printing - Print badges for visitors to show photo ID, visitor type and host, and pre-print for invited visitors.


Sine charges on a per month basis, kicking off at US$49 (AU$59) per site per month for small enterprises who have up to 25 check-ins per day.
They currently offer a 30-day free trial.

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