Samsung set to unveil affordable 5G tablet?

April 08, 2021

Samsung looks set to unveil an affordable 5G tablet in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Lite. According to rumours, the new tablet could be revealed as soon as June this year, marking the first 5G compatible tablet in the non-premium category.

What is the Samsung S7 Lite?


If predictions prove correct, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Lite will follow along the lines of the S6 Lite which hit the market last year.

The Lite offers many of the features of the hugely popular Galaxy Tab S range, but with pared back specs that allow it to come in at a more budget friendly price.

For example, the Tab S6 Lite saw Samsung reduce the display resolution, RAM and onboard storage, along with cutting down the number of speakers.

The likelihood is the Tab S7 Lite will see similar reductions on the specifications found in the premium Tab S7 range, but rumours based on numerous site leaks indicate 5G capability will be among the features included in either the general S7 Lite or the Plus version of the device.

So, what would the Samsung Tab S7 Lite offer?

The Samsung Tab S7 Lite


The Tab S7 Lite would likely come with a screen size of 11-inches, while the Plus version would be 12.4-inches.

This theory is based on the size of the S7 range that launched in August last year.

There are also a number of rumours circulating that a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite will be unveiled at the same time as the S7 Lite range, and if that’s the case, it will offer a screen size of 8.7-inches.

TechRadar notes that rumour is a bit of a surprise as “because the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is already at the budget end of the market”.

Meanwhile, many predict the line-up of less premium Galaxy tablets will be revealed in June. This is over a year since previous S6 Lite range was announced in April 2020.

TechRadar goes on to explain, despite the S6 Lite April reveal, in some countries it took a while for the slate to actually go on sale. This time around, Samsung might be taking its time before going to market, they state.

The 5G addition


5G mobile internet has progressively been rolling out across many countries over the past couple of years.

The fifth generation of cellular mobile telecommunications, it’s the type of internet you utilise when using mobile devices like smart phones and tablets.

The technology supersedes 4G, 3G and 2G, offering more data, a faster transfer rate, greater efficiency and less latency.

The upshot is, mobile internet is faster and more efficient, offering more bandwidth available for things like video streaming on-the-go.

Up until now, however, only premium devices have supported 5G capability, and Samsung has been a leader in this field with both S6 and S7 5G tablets.

Meanwhile, the biggest player in the tablet space, Apple, is yet to release a 5G iPad.

The fact Samsung may now offer a more affordable, less premium 5G tablet puts them in the box seat of the 5G device rollout.

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