PizzaMan Dan's

September 9, 2021

With eight locations across Ventura County, California, PizzaMan Dan’s is serious about pizza. So serious, in fact, owner Dan Collier has covered his prized Corvette in pepperoni decals and is renowned as the official ‘Big Cheese’ of pizza, subs and wings.

PizzaMan Dan’s is also serious about service, having provided over three million meals to loyal patrons in the past 20 years, including 100,000 pounds of hot wings last year alone.

So, when they were looking for a service solution to accommodate mobile ordering, the Bosstab tablet stands were the perfect solution.

The brief


The aim of the stands was two-fold: to reduce staff labor in the busy stores and facilitate table-side ordering, which PizzaMan Dan’s explains is something customers are increasingly looking for in fast-casual restaurants.

Our solution

Our solution involved using the Elite Evo, which offered PizzaMan Dan’s the security of durable, protective tablet cases that can be used in the hospitality environment in various ways.

The sleek design of the tablet stands makes them ideal for any storefront, while they each fit different types of mounts so they can be positioned on a benchtop, wall-mounted, or used as a freestanding order pad.

The result


PizzaMan Dan’s notes the stands have indeed achieved their aims of greater store efficiency and an improved customer experience.

After successfully being trialled at an initial restaurant, they’re now set to roll out to a second location with a view to having Bosstab stands in all eight of PizzaMan Dan’s outlets.

The takeaway


We’re thrilled to work with an independent US pizza company that, after nearly two decades, continues to seek new and innovative ways to bring a smile to their customers’ faces.

After successfully serving up three million meals, they say they’re committed to serving another three million smiles with the best-tasting pizza possible.

We’re proud to be part of that journey and look forward to seeing what’s on their menu next!

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