New Fold and Flip Galaxy smart phones released at Samsung Galaxy Unpacked

September 21, 2021

Samsung has revealed its latest lineup of new products, with two new folding phones, new watches, and earbuds released as part of their Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event in August.

It comes after a big year for the Korean company, with Galaxies already unveiled in January and the new Galaxy Book in April.

So, let’s look at what Samsung’s been up to, with a round-up of all their latest news.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3


The unveiling of the latest Galaxy Z Fold3 was always the big-ticket drawcard at Samsung’s Unpacked event. And it didn’t disappoint, with the tech-co taking the opportunity to upgrade their breakthrough device.

This marks the third version of the company’s flagship folding phone, which features a front display that opens to reveal a different screen.

The initial version from 2019 was plagued with durability issues, so it received a major update in 2020, increasing the front display’s size.

The latest edition sees the main screen open up to 7.6-inches to provide that tablet-like experience Samsung has widely touted.

It also features two breakthroughs – S Pen compatibility and an IPX8 water resistance rating.

Samsung created two new models of S Pen to go with the device, and they are designed to be used on the main display but not the cover.

Meanwhile, the Z Fold3’s water resistance rating not only protects your device against the thrills and spills of corporate life, you could also feasibly submerge the phone in up to 1m of water for up to 30 minutes, and it should still work.

The Z Fold3 is set to retail from US$1799 for 256GB of storage and 12GB of memory.

Samsung Galaxy Flip3


The Z Fold3 wasn’t the only folding phone unveiled at Unpacked. Samsung also took the opportunity to update its clamshell device, the Samsung Galaxy Flip3.

The screen is now four times larger than the initial model but still features that throwback style reminiscent of flip phones in the early noughties.

Inside, it opens up to a 6.7-inch screen, while the 1.9-inch cover screen makes it easy to glance at any alerts quickly.

This front cover screen is now also more functional, offering the ability to swipe to interact with apps and take photos without opening the phone.

The Samsung Galaxy Flip3 retails from US$ $999 and comes with the option of 128GB or 256GB of storage.

Two new Samsung Watches


As many predicted, Unpacked also saw the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, they released two lines in the form of the standard Galaxy watch, which is now known as the Classic. At the same time, the Galaxy Watch Active 4 has become the Galaxy Watch 4.

Both watches include a Bioactive Sensor, which measures things like body composition and blood oxygen levels.

Samsung devoted a lot of time to this feature during the Unpacked event, noting it would allow wearers to maintain a healthier diet and lifestyle.

The Samsung Watch retails from US$249, while the Classic is available from US$349.

Galaxy Buds2


Samsung’s Galaxy Buds also received an upgrade, with the company announcing new wireless earbuds to compete with Apple’s latest Air Pods.

They now feature two modes of listing – one for noise cancellation and another where you can hear the ambient sound around you.

Galaxy Buds2 are set to retail from US$149.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 21 cancelled


Many were expecting the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 21, but it’s looking increasingly likely the Note smartphone won’t be released this year, with no Note in the line-up of the recent Galaxy Unpacked.

That’s mainly due to a shortage in semi-conductors, with Samsung’s Co-CEO noting the disparity between supply and demand, making it hard for the company to support the release of two high-end devices.

Earlier in the year, Samsung released the Galaxy S21 and S21 Ultra, which are the other high-end devices alluded to, so now they’re looking to push back the Note 21 until next year when it’s set to be known as the Note 22.

You can see all the products unveiled at the recent Samsung Galaxy Unpacked here, along with key highlights from the event, or view our range of tablet stands which accommodate a wide variety of Samsung tablets.

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