Apple news - All eyes on September event

September 1, 2021

All may have gone quiet in the Apple camp in recent weeks, but one thing’s for sure, behind the scenes the tech co will be working on the latest and greatest incarnations of their hugely popular devices.

And with the arrival of September, the likelihood is there’s set to be an announcement in some form sooner rather than later.

So, let’s take a look at what’s happening in the Apple camp in the lead up…

The new iPad 2021 to be revealed?


September often heralds the release of an iPad in some form, with the product likely to hit the shelves just in time for some pre-Christmas purchasing.

Back in April, Apple announced the new feature-packed iPad Pro, so the next iPad slated for an update is likely to be the garden variety version.

If it comes to fruition, this will mark the ninth version of the entry-level iPad and at present Tech Advisor predicts the biggest update will likely be the processing chip used.

Chances are, the iPad 9th generation will come with the A13 Bionic chip found in the 2020 iPhone 11 and iPhone SE.

There’s also a good chance the display size will be increased from 10.2-inches to 10.5, and it wouldn’t be the first time Apple has chosen to up the screen size of its tablets.

The original iPad was of course 9.7-inches, and last year the iPad Air 4 bumped up to 10.9-inches.

Speaking of the iPad Air, some also predict the new entry-level model will take a lot of its design cues from the more expensive mid-range Air.

Apple Watch 7

The upcoming event will also see a revision of the Apple Watch. This will be known as the Apple Watch 7, and while little else is known at this stage, it’s likely to feature additional health sensors.

iPhone 13


Even if the entry-level iPad isn’t updated this year, the Apple event is likely to see the iPhone 13 unveiled.

MacRumors anticipates, like last year, four models will be included in the line-up in the same sizes as the iPhone 12 models.

As for improvements, the iPhone 13 is expected to feature improved battery life, camera enhancements, an A15 chip and faster 5G.

They also tip 120Hz ProMotion displays will be incorporated, while the iPhone notch will be made smaller.

A foldable phone in the future?

One of the most persistent questions surrounding Apple is when will they launch a foldable phone? Following on from Samsung and others like Huawei, Apple is rumoured to be designing a foldable option, with highly regarded analyst Ming-Chi Kuo tipping that could occur in 2023.

Renowned for his solid reputation of predicting all things Apple, Kuo has stated Apple plans to launch an 8-inch QHD+ foldable iPhone with a flexible OLED display the year after next.

MacBook Pro


A major revision to the MacBook Pro is expected in the coming months. While this could be unveiled at the tech co's September event, MacRumors suggests it’s likely to be such a significant overhaul it might involve its own special release in October or November.

They note the Apple is currently working on 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro models, which are expected in the third quarter of 2021.

“The new machines will feature the most significant design overhaul to the MacBook Pro line that we've seen since 2016, introducing a flat-edged design,” MacRumors explains.

They are also likely to have more ports, will charge over MagSafe, and will feature upgraded chips.

The next big Apple event

Although a firm date is yet to be set, the next big event for Apple is likely to occur in mid-September, with some predicting it could be September 14 or 15.

In the interim, Apple has already hosted two major events this year, including Spring Loaded in April. They launched new iPad upgrades, colorful iMacs, AirTags trackers, and a purple iPhone 12.

This was followed by the more recent WWDC in June, which was more software-focused and saw the iOS 15, macOS Monterey (also known as MacOS 12), WatchOS 8, and iPadOS 15.

That leaves a whole lot of potential for further announcements and upgrades this year.

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