Visitor benefits of an automated Visitor Management System

March 16, 2020

The business benefits of an automated Visitor Management System may be clear, but what about the benefits it offers those all-important customers and guests?

From speed of check-in to clear information and immediate alerts here’s an insight into how an automated Visitor Management System can improve the visitor experience.


Waiting in a long queue

Quick, efficient and eliminating the need for a queue, an automated Visitor Management System allows guests to swiftly check in to any facility.

Whether they’re there as a tradesperson, there to deliver a package or there to meet with a member of staff, the system allows visitors to quickly state their intention and also often has the ability to automatically alert the staff member involved.

Ultimately this saves time for the guest and can also enable them to print their visitor badge instantly or sign any non-disclosure agreements required without delay or fuss.

For example, software like , Sine has features including badge printing, photo ID scanning, NDA signing capability and geofencing for faster check-in and check-out.


One major benefit of automated Visitor Management Systems is the ability for guests to pre-register.

Whether it’s an event or on-site works, this speeds up the guest check-in process further but perhaps just as importantly, also allows the visitor to meet and understand any expectations.

For example, a company undergoing maintenance works may require the visiting tradesperson to demonstrate they have necessary licences.

With pre-registration, they can input the required information prior to attending the site.

Software options like The Receptionist offer this ability, along with multiple location management, evacuation management, multi-language check-in, and visitor facial recognition.

Information and maps

Corporate and institutional facilities can be overwhelming places, but automated Visitor Management Systems can help put the guest at ease.

With the ability to print maps or offer digital directions, automated Visitor Management can help guide the guest to the exact location they seek.

Some software allows them to print this information out in advance, while others send the information directly to their mobile phone.

Clarity and safety

One excellent yet hard to measure benefit of a Visitor Management System is that it helps offer clarity to the visitor signing in. It sets the professional tone for the business, warmly welcomes the guest and outlines the expectations that come with being on-site.

Not only does this assure the guest they are in an efficient, professional environment, it also indicates they are in a safe one, where every visitor to the site is checked in, accounted for, with the reason for their attendance documented.

Easy to learn

Bosstab Sine login screen

The best Visitor Management Systems will be intuitive for the guest to navigate. With easy to utilise features, clear information and simple processes, they will ensure the visitor is quickly checked in and attended to by the right member of staff.

SwipedOn, for example, prides itself on offering a warm welcome to guests, while also providing a streamlined sign-in experience which is simple to use.

A welcome support system

Visitor Management Systems need not replace face-to-face contact, but they can improve it, freeing up reception or check-in staff to concentrate on important queries, rather than mundane visitor sign-in. Ultimately this improves the guest’s interaction with a business in a whole host of ways.

For more information on the company benefits of automated Visitor Management Systems, along with software profiles, see here.

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