Top 5 tablet stands for iPad in 2020

November 5, 2020

Whether it’s a visitor sign-in kiosk or a mobile Point of Sale, finding the right tablet stand to secure your device helps safeguard it against damage or even theft, and extends its usability.

The perfect tablet stand will also enhance the look and appeal of your premises, adding to the design and feel of your store, office or commercial site.

So, which iPad stand should you choose? Here we narrow down the best tablet stands for iPad in 2020, along with a few tips on what to consider.

What to consider when selecting an iPad stand


When it comes to picking the right tablet stand for your business, there are a wealth of factors you need to consider, taking into account things like how the device will be used, where it will be positioned and what you want it to do.

So let’s dive a little deeper…


How will your device be used?

Where will your iPad be located and how will it be used? If the device is going to be in demand all day every day (like at the Point of Sale) then the tablet stand will need to be fairly rugged and the stand will need to be secure.


What do you want it to do?

Will the iPad need to be portable, do you want it to rotate between users, or will it simply be fixed to a wall? Different stands lend themselves to different actions. Some can swivel, others rotate or even flip while some are perfectly suited to sitting on a counter in landscape mode.



Will your iPad be in a position where it might be the target of theft? If so, you are probably looking for a stand with a lockable faceplate and a base that secures the tablet to a counter, desk or floor.


The look

Look is of course a big consideration, especially in commercial environments where the tablet might be customer-facing (like a kiosk, digital signage, visitor sign-in or mPOS). Fortunately tablet stands come in a range of colours and designs.



And naturally there’s that all-important budget to consider, especially if you’re after multiple stands. The good news is there are a range of price points to ensure you’ll find something to suit any budget.

But it does pay to remember, if your iPad is operating in a commercial environment, paying a little more for a durable cover can save you in terms of device replacement in the long run.


Now let’s get down to business, looking at the top five tablet stands for iPad in 2020.

1. Elite Nexus


Desk and countertop stand or wall mounted

This is among our favourites because it is sleek, stylish and highly secure. Offering a minimal frame, the Nexus is ideally suited to any commercial environment, and features a lockable faceplate to secure your iPad along with internal cable management.

This stand is equally suited to desk or countertop use, can be installed in either portrait or landscape and includes a 180 degree swivel function, which you can lock if it’s not required. Alternatively, the Nexus can also be wall mounted in portrait or landscape mode.


The Elite Nexus is compatible with…

  • iPad 10.2" (7th & 8th Gen)
  • iPad 9.7" (5th & 6th Gen)
  • iPad Air 9.7" (1st & 2nd Gen)
  • iPad Pro 9.7"

2. Elite Evo Freestanding


Free standing or screw mount option available

The Elite Evo Freestanding makes the list due to its high-end security and ultimate mobility.

Offering a strong yet minimal frame with lockable faceplate, it features internal cable management and a freestanding design that allows your iPad to be positioned where required.

The Evo Freestanding stand rotates between portrait and landscape mode, and also features a 40-degree tilt for an adjustable ergonomic design.


The Elite Evo Freestanding is compatible with…

  • iPad 10.2" (7th & 8th Gen)
  • iPad 9.7" (5th & 6th Gen)
  • iPad Air 9.7" (1st & 2nd Gen)
  • iPad Pro 9.7"

3. Touch Nexus


Freestanding and screw mount options available

If you’re after a stand that’s slim, sleek and versatile, the Touch Nexus tablet is one of the top choices.

This stand is designed to secure your iPad directly to the swivel base using 3M adhesive, and without any clamps or enclosures. The base also comes with a range of choices, including a freestanding option that can be moved if required, or a screw mount stand that can be fixed to a counter or desk.

The Touch Nexus is perfect for countertops or desks and includes a 180-degree swivel, along with the ability to rate between portrait and landscape. Alternatively, the stand also features a lock to fix the tablet in position.


The Touch Nexus is compatible with…

  • All iPad models

4. Touch Evo


Freestanding and screw mount options available

Hugely versatile, the Touch Evo Freestanding tablet stand suits iPads and tablets of all sizes and allows you to secure your device directly to the base using 3M adhesive.

Offering a minimalist, sleek look, it is available in a freestanding option or can be secured to a desk or countertop courtesy of screws or adhesive.

This stand rotates between portrait and landscape mode, in addition to featuring a 40-degree tilt, or alternatively it can be locked into position.


The Touch Evo is compatible with:

  • All iPad models

5. The Fusion


Freestanding and screw mount options available

Equally suited to commercial, hospitality and office use, The Fusion stand offers features like a lockable faceplate, and cable management.

The Fusion is also compatible with a range of stands at various heights, including some that allow it to swivel, rotate, and flip or it can be fixed to a wall.


The Fusion is compatible with:

  • iPad 2019 (7th Gen)
  • iPad 2018 (6th Gen)
  • iPad 2017 (5th Gen)
  • iPad Mini - All versions
  • iPad Air - All versions
  • iPad Pro 9.7
  • iPad Pro 10.5
  • iPad Pro 12.9 - All versions

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