The top 5 tablet stands for Samsung Galaxy tablets in 2020

November 17, 2020

When it comes to tablets, two major players dominate the market– Apple with the iPad and Samsung with their ever-increasing range of tablet options.

In fact, Samsung currently holds a 22 per cent market share due to a line-up that ranges from budget friendly to high-spec tablets running either the Windows or Android operating system.

This combination of various price points and a choice of operating systems sees Samsung widely deployed in all manner of commercial settings – from information kiosks to feedback terminals, mobile Point of Sale and more.

If you’re looking to tap into the popularity of Samsung and utilise your tablet in a commercial setting, a stand is a must, acting to secure and protect the device, while allowing it to fulfil its business purpose.

With that in mind, here are the top five tablet stands for Samsung Galaxy Tablets in 2020

1. Touch Nexus


Freestanding, screw mounted, wall mounted, and adhesive options all included

Suited to any Samsung Galaxy tablet, the Touch Nexus offers a streamlined look that showcases your tablet in all its svelte glory.

This tablet stand simply secures to the back of your device using 3M adhesive and comes with the option of a freestanding, screw or adhesive mount base that can quickly be affixed to tables or counter tops (all options are included in the box).

Cable management is effortlessly taken care of within the stand, ensuring those unsightly cords remain out of view, but the device can still charge.

Your Galaxy tablet can be installed in portrait or landscape mode, and can then swivel 180 degrees, or be locked into a static position if preferred.

The great thing about this stand is it allows your tablet to be easily upgraded when required, without the need to purchase a new stand.


The Touch Nexus is compatible with…

  • All Samsung Galaxy tablet models
    (and any other tablet of any size as well, as long as it has a flat back)

2. Touch Evo


Freestanding, screw mounted, wall mounted, and adhesive options

The Touch Evo is a compact and seamless stand that is suited to any device and simply affixes to any flat-backed tablet using 3M adhesive.

This elevated stand features a 40-degree tilt for ergonomic use, includes internal cable management to keep cords out of sight.

It can be freestanding or secured to a counter or table using 3M adhesive, or drilled and screwed into place.

The stand allows tablets to rotate from portrait to landscape mode and can also be locked into position.

The Touch Evo is ideal for uses like kiosks and mobile Point of Sale, and also allows tablets to be upgraded easily or changed when required.


The Touch Evo is compatible with…

  • All Samsung Galaxy tablets
    (and any other tablet brand with a flat back)

3. Fusion

Freestanding, screw mount and wall mounted options available

The Fusion stand is suited to a wide variety of Samsung Galaxy tablets and is one of our most secure, versatile and durable stands.

Featuring a steel faceplate and ABS plastic case, this is a tablet enclosure built for any commercial environment, which locks your tablet into position courtesy of a barrel key.

The enclosure is compatible with a range of stands and poles that allow tablets to swivel, tilt or rotate and options include freestanding, floor mounted, countertop stands, and wall mounted.

Cords are channelled through the pole or stand, and should you need to upgrade the tablet to a different size all you need to do is purchase a suitable faceplate while utilising the same stand.


The Fusion is compatible with…

  • Galaxy Tab A 10.1 – 2019
  • Galaxy Tab A 10.1 – 2016
  • Galaxy Tab A 9.7
  • Galaxy Tab S2 S3 9.7 - Limited Stock
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 (11-inch) -2020



4. Universal Bundle Kit

Freestanding, screw mounted, or adhesive options all included

Secure and simple, the Universal Bundle Kit is a budget-friendly tablet stand that suits all Samsung Galaxy tablets.

The stand can be secured to a countertop using adhesive or screws, while the tablet simply rests in position and a cable lock attaches to the tablet via a strong adhesive-backed security plate to protect your device against theft.

At a length of 1.8m, the cable lock allows the user to pick up and enjoy the tablet, while still keeping it highly secure, and comes complete with a cable anchor that can be screwed or adhered in position.


The Universal Bundle Kit is compatible with…

  • All Samsung Galaxy tablets

5. Freedom

Freestanding and screw mount options available

As the name suggests, the Freedom tablet stand accommodates tablets of all sizes, securing the device into position using strong 3M adhesive.

Tablets can be positioned in portrait or landscape mode and a choice of three stands are available, allowing tablets to be screw mounted to a surface, free standing or to swivel 270 degrees.

This tablet stand channels cords through the base, keeping the look of your device neat, tidy and streamlined.


The Freedom is compatible with…

  • All Samsung Galaxy tablets

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