Struggling to build a customer database?

March 27, 2020

Data – in today’s tech savvy world it’s one of the most important assets that you can build as a business.

Whether you work in retail, hospitality, real estate or the corporate world, data offers the opportunity to truly know your customer and target them directly.

But how exactly do you capture this seminal business resource? Here’s a quick guide to the benefits of capturing customer and visitor data, and tips on how to do it.

The value of a database

Struggling to build a customer database?

A carefully captured and curated contact database takes the guesswork out of business. It enables you to easily contact the customers you have, encourage new patronage, and tailor marketing strategies directly to them, while learning their habits and preferences.

Importantly, a customer database can give you insight into the value of your business, including new customers, repeat sales, loyal patrons etc.

So how do you go about collecting this data?

Data collection

Compiling a database happens in a host of ways – through data collected via customer loyalty initiatives, through feedback, competitions, giveaways, incentives, registrations and even newsletter sign-ups on your business website.

And once you have it, this data can be invaluable, allowing you to create marketing campaigns or to disperse important business information in a direct, targeted way.

So, let’s look at data collection in action…

Five data collection strategies

Struggling to build a customer database?

Loyalty programs

Loyalty programs offer customers the chance to be recognised for their patronage through rewards and special deals. Akin to crowning your customer a business VIP, they provide the opportunity for retailers, restaurants and the like to increase the bottom line via repeat business.
Encouraging customers to join a loyalty program can happen in a host of different ways, including loyalty kiosks in-store utilising a simple iPad and iPad wall mount, staff registration of loyal customers, or website sign-up.

Feedback and surveys

Feedbacks and surveys allow business to understand what’s working and what’s not when it comes to customer service and product offering. They are also an often untapped goldmine of customer data if organisations simply ask customers for contact details as part of that feedback.
Again, feedback and surveys can be implemented in a number of ways including via staff, through dedicated wall-mounted tablets or freestanding kiosks, or by making feedback forms available in physical form. For more information on survey software applications for your business, check out our resource page here.


Surveys and studies consistently reveal consumers are willing to part with their personal data in return for receiving a reward. That’s where initiatives like giveaways and competitions come in, allowing business to actively seek customer details in return for the opportunity to win a prize or major reward.

Visitor management

In many businesses, the opportunity to gather data is available at their fingertips courtesy of procedural software including Visitor Management Systems. iPad-based visitor management system software like The Receptionist enables business to customise their check-in page, allowing guests to opt-in for email communication.

Newsletter sign-up

Your website also offers a further platform to build a detailed customer database courtesy of opt-ins on your site to newsletters and emails. These opt-ins can be further promoted at the end of regular blogs, or on social media, ensuring customers that are interested in your services and details can register their information.

Looking to streamline the customer loyalty or visitor check-in process in a bid to build a database? View our range of iPad wall mounts and tablet wall mounts here.

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