Samsung Unpacked 2020 and why it matters

August 13, 2020

Samsung has hosted its major event of the year, unveiling a new lineup of smart phones, tablets, and the next generation Samsung Watch.

This year’s Samsung Unpacked event was held on August 5 and showcased all the latest innovation on offer from the world’s current leader in the smartphone market.

Here’s what was revealed at Samsung Unpacked 2020, and why it matters…

Samsung Unpacked


Like Apple Keynote events, Samsung Unpacked is one of the big-ticket events on the annual technology calendar. Designed to showcase the tech giant’s latest innovations, it offers a platform for the South Korean co to demonstrate its continued commitment to developing cutting-edge mobile devices.

This year it was no different with a new lineup of phones unveiled comprising the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, and the second-generation folding phone known as Samsung Z Fold 2.

Also revealed was the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab S, and refinements to the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

A market leader

Apple might get much of the publicity, but Samsung continues to dominate the smartphone market, with 30.95 per cent global market share, compared to Apple’s 24.8 per cent.

Effectively that means almost a third of all phones circulating globally carry the Samsung brand, so when the tech co reveals its latest tweaks to technology, the world watches on.

In the tablet market they currently rank second with 21.91 per cent share compared to Apple’s 58.48 per cent, so they’re no slouches in that competitive arena either.

Over recent years Samsung has also served up some of the more exciting innovations, including last year’s folding phone which had the tech world abuzz.

This year it was more about refinement than all-new reveals, but let’s look at what was on offer.

The Galaxy Note 20


The Galaxy Note is up there as Samsung flagship smartphone, and this year it was unveiled in two different versions – the lower-spec Galaxy Note 20 with a 6.7-inch screen size and the top of the line Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, which has a 6.9-inch screen.

Both feature high resolution displays, with the Ultra also offering Gorilla Glass, which Samsung boasts is the toughest glass available on a smart phone.

Beneath the hood both models offer the fastest processors Samsung has ever incorporated into a phone, along with a fast charging feature that allows users to gain around 50 per cent charge in as little as 30 minutes.

Both phones have a selfie camera on the front and triple lenses on the rear including a 12Mp ultra-wide lens, a wide lens and telephoto camera, but the Ultra offers better resolution.

The S Pen is also included with the devices. Accommodated in a special housing within the case, this year it’s touted as offering less latency and an experience almost akin to writing on paper.

Meanwhile, the phones will be available in Bronze, White, Grey, Black, and Green.

The Galaxy Z Fold 2


The Galaxy Z Fold 2 has seen some major improvements on the initial folding smart phone released last year.

This year the body is thinner, and the gap between the screens has been minimised. Meanwhile, the cover display measures 6.2-inches, and the interior screen measures 7.2-inches.

The smartphone has also been reinforced to make it “tougher in a real-world environment”, while the hinge has been re-engineered.

Colour options for the Z Fold 2 are Mystic Black and Bronze, while Samsung notes they have more to reveal about the device which they will offer up as part of a special event on September 1.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3


Also unveiled on August 5 was the latest version of the Samsung Watch. This year it comes with a rotating bezel, and two sizes in three colours. They’re set to be slimmer and lighter than predecessors yet offer a larger screen size.

A new range of watch faces accompany the latest release, while health is a major focus of the software. The Samsung Watch 3 includes a blood pressure monitor, blood oxygen saturation monitor and also a heart rate monitor.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7


Samsung’s popular tablet, the Tab S range is now in its seventh revision and comes in two sizes – the 11-inch Tab S7 with LCD screen, and the 12.4-inch Tab S7+, which offers Super AMOLED.

Like the Note 20 Ultra phone, the S7+ also offers a 120 hertz display and is touted to be the slimmest tablet currently on the market, while also boasting the largest AMOLED screen.

Samsung has also created an all-new keyboard to accompany the tablets and has sought to make S Pen access more convenient, by incorporating a pen housing into the devices.

Three new colour options are available in both tablet sizes in the form of Mystic Silver, Bronze, and Black.

The latest Samsung range is now available for pre-order, with devices set to hit stores on August 21.

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