Samsung releases budget-friendly Galaxy Tab A7

October 29, 2020

As Samsung’s budget friendly Android tablet, the Galaxy Tab A series doesn’t tend to command a lot of media coverage when it gets an upgrade.

However, 2020 has indeed delivered a new incarnation of this popular tablet in the form of the A7 and it includes a quality build, 10.4-inch screen, and a definite focus on entertainment.

So, let’s take a sneak peek under the hood of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7, including how exactly this tablet can be used in business.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A series


While the S series is Samsung’s premium tablet range, the A series is designed to appeal to those looking for something a little more budget friendly.

It still features OK specs and a quality build, but not the cutting-edge technology found in Samsung’s flagship Tab S range.

Ultimately that makes it more suited to passive tasks, so streaming videos and light gaming is fine, but you won’t be taking quality images and editing them via Adobe PhotoShop on this device.

And that’s fine because when we mention the A7 being budget friendly, it kicks in with a price point of US$229.99, which is indeed pretty kind to your cash reserves compared to the S7 which starts at US$649.

So, what do you get for that price?

What the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 offers


The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 features a 10.4-inch screen with LCD display and runs the Android Q operating system.

It is powered by an Octa Core processor and Qualcomm chipset, and offers 3GB of RAM with the option of either 32GB or 64GB of onboard storage in addition to a MicroSD card slot that expands storage up to 1TB.

Four Dolby speakers are incorporated into the design, while the rear camera is 8MP, and the front is 5MP.

The 7040mAh battery is fairly decent, offering what Samsung describes as a “long-lasting experience”, while the build quality is also good and includes a metal body which is available in silver, dark gray, or gold.

How it suits business

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As a quality Android tablet with a budget-friendly price tag, the Galaxy Tab A7 is suited to a range of business uses.

It could potentially be deployed as a mobile Point of Sale, but its strengths are probably better utilised for purposes like dedicated digital advertising, customer check-in, visitor management, or as an information kiosk.

If you’re looking for a tool that facilitates working on the go however, the Tab A7 may not be the ideal choice.

In that case, the higher-spec Samsung Tab S7 offers a little more flexibility as it comes complete with S-Pen included and readily accommodates the addition of a type cover and track pad for everyday tasks like word processing.

That said, the Tab A7 has a definite place in the tablet market and business world, offering an affordable, high-quality option that accommodates the Android platform.

You can view tablet stands that facilitate kiosk use and other purposes for the Galaxy Tab A7 here.

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