Samsung Galaxy S20+ to launch at Unpacked 2020

January 12, 2020

Samsung is just weeks away from launching its highly anticipated Galaxy S20, with the tech-co confirming the new smart phone will be unveiled at their annual Unpacked event on February 11.

Expected to offer 5G as standard, the S20 lineup is also tipped to include three different models. Here’s what we know so far…

The Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S20 to launch Case

First released way back in 2010, the S-range is Samsung’s high-end model of flagship smart phones. Each year, the South Korean tech giant releases a new, improved version with state-of-the-art features, and this year is tipped to be no different.

It’s believed the S20 will release with three versions – the S20e, S20 and S20 Plus, all of which are likely to come with 5G capability.

They’re also expected to offer a slight size increase on the previous model, with the S20e featuring a 6.2-inch screen, the S20 offering 6.7-inches and the S20 Plus boasting a 6.9-inch screen.

And that’s not all that could change about the design.

The design

As always, the upcoming release of the Samsung Galaxy S has been accompanied by some interesting leaked renders.

These suggest the S20 will feature a large rear camera housing, similar to the latest iPhone, minimal top and bottom bezels, and a centre-aligned selfie camera on the front.

The screen may also offer new tech, with Samsung patenting the term SAMOLED, which might offer a new take on the AMOLED it currently uses. It’s anticipated this screen will shift up to a higher refresh rate.

The cameras

Samsung Galaxy S20 to launch New Camera

That large rear camera bump is likely to feature a three-camera array for the S20e model and four cameras on the S20 and S20 Plus.

Cameras are predicted to include a 108MP sensor which will combine nine pixels into one for 12MP shots that can take in a lot of light, a 5X optical zoom of up to 48MP, an ultra wide-angle lens and possibly a depth sensor for macro shots. Other rumours revolve around 8K video recording.

In addition, there are some neat new features that could accompany the cameras. These include a director’s view for tracking the subject, and AI that allows the user to take a photo at the best possible moment.

Battery and processors

The S20 is expected to come with a nice meaty 4,500 mAh battery, and in the S20 Plus it may bump up to 5,000 mAh (the largest battery used in a Galaxy S device).

Meanwhile, pundits are pretty confident the S20 will feature the Snapdragon 865 processor for US models, while other regions may receive an upgraded Exynos version.


Samsung Galaxy S20 to launch Earbuds

It looks like it’s wireless all the way when it comes to headphones. Samsung ditched the jack in the most recent Note and is likely to follow suit in the S20. They’re also expected to launch new headphones alongside the handset at the Unpacked event and it’s anticipated these will rival Apple’s AirPods Pro.

A new name?

Traditionally Samsung has named its phones to correspond with the handset version, but this year things could take a different twist. There are rumours the S20 may instead be called the S20 to correspond with the year.

There are also some quiet rumblings there may be no S20 at all, with Samsung instead merging the Galaxy S20 with the Samsung Note 11 to create a ‘Galaxy One’ that combines all the company’s top smart phone features into one premium device, according to Tech Radar.

They’re treating these whispers with caution, as they’ve also been heard in years gone by, but aren’t quite ruling the possibility out as some of the features of the two models overlap.

Release date

Samsung has confirmed the S20 will make its debut on February 11 at the Unpacked event in San Francisco. The phone is anticipated to hit stores in early March but could be available as soon as late February and will likely have a recommended retail price around US$899 (AU$1349).

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