Need an affordable point of sale setup?

January 07, 2020

So, the stock is on order, and the shop fitout is near complete. Now what about a Point of Sale so you can eagerly ring up all those anticipated sales?

The good news is the days of cumbersome, expensive and fixed points of sale are long gone. The POS is now easier and more affordable to set up than ever before courtesy of mobile technology and wirelessly connected hardware.

If you need an affordable point of sale, here’s a quick guide to what’s involved…


The first thing to consider when selecting your new Point of Sale is the hardware involved. When it comes to mobile POS this involves a tablet, a POS tablet stand, a card reader, a barcode scanner and a cash drawer.

So, let’s take a quick deep dive into each.

The Tablet

Need an affordable Point of Sale Tablet?

Depending on whether you favor the Android operating system, Windows or iOS (now known as iPadOS), there are wealth of tablets to choose from, but the key criteria to take into account when selecting a tablet is ease of use, software compatibility, and storage capacity.

This is not the time to opt for a budget option, but you needn’t go top of the line either. For example, the garden variety current 10.2-inch iPad with 128GB storage (currently available for just US$429) will more than suffice.

Meanwhile, increased storage allows you to run apps like you mobile POS app with ease and also store images that you might require of products.

Need an affordable Point of Sale Tablet Stand?

Whether you’re a retailer or a restaurant, if you’re running mPOS, you will need a POS tablet stand and it will need to be secure.

This stand might be mounted to a counter, secured to a wall, or feature a detachable enclosure but the key elements to look for are durability and security.

The tablet enclosure should fit snuggly around your device, include a lock to secure the tablet and be suited to a commercial environment.

You can browse our range of tablet POS stands and iPad POS stands here.

Cash Drawer

Need an affordable Point of Sale Cash Drawer?

As much as the world is becoming cashless, retailers and restauranteurs still require cash drawers for hard copy currency.

In the case of affordable mobile Point of Sale, the likelihood is this cash drawer will be wireless and triggered to open by your mobile POS software when required.

Available from just US$169.95, you can learn more about our POS cash drawers here.

Card Reader

Need an affordable Point of Sale Card Reader Stand?

As most transactions are now facilitated via bank cards, credit cards or payment options like Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay rather than cash, a card reader is a must. These are available from your POS software provider (for example Square) or your bank, and the cost can include a small outright fee or a percentage of card-based transactions.

When selecting a card reader, it’s worth considering whether you will simply take swipe card payments chip payments or Near Field Communication payments such as Apple Pay etc.

Like your tablet, these card readers might also require a stand, and you can learn more about the stands we have available here.

Receipt Printer

These days, wireless receipt printers are easy to come by and in hospitality they can also be set up to relay dockets to the relevant stations. The number of receipt printers you may require will depend on the nature of your establishment.

Most POS software also enables retailers to send receipts directly to the customer on their phone or via email.

When it comes to hard copy receipt printers, our brand of choice is Epson, with models available for less than US$200.

Barcode Scanner

In a restaurant a barcode scanner may not be a requirement, but in a retail outlet it’s a must. Again, barcode scanners can be wireless and are designed to integrate seamlessly into your POS software.

Barcode scanners are available in a range of different makes and models with the key feature to lookout for being compatibility with your software.

Software and Apps

Need an affordable Point of Sale Tablet Stand Software

Hardware is just one component of the affordable POS equation. Once you’ve opted for a tablet and operating system, you will then need to select an app (software) that suits your needs, and there are a wealth of options available suited to retail and hospitality.

The key considerations of which software to select include:

• Ease of use
• The size of your establishment
• The number of outlets you have
• Features available
• Cost (upfront and ongoing)
• Operating system

You can learn more about the major mobile POS software systems in our resources page, but the big-name providers include:

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If you need assistance establishing an affordable Point of Sale that meets the demands of your business, we are available to assist, offering hardware solutions including tablet POS stands, iPad POS stands, cash drawers, card reader stands and more, and you can contact us here.

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