Major design overhaul for iPhone 12?

July 29, 2020

The release of the latest iPhone is now just months away, with rumours currently focused on the prospect the 2020 lineup could include one of the smallest phones released by Apple.

Expected to be unveiled in September or October, this year’s iPhone range is tipped to feature four different models in three different sizes, with the smallest coming in at just 5.4 inches.

If so, it will mark a major overhaul on the current design, so let’s enjoy a quick round-up of all the iPhone rumours currently on offer.

The iPhone 12


Due to its popularity and brand recognition, this year’s iPhone is set to carry on its naming legacy, with the upcoming version tipped to be called the iPhone 12.

Current rumours see it available in four different models:

  • A lower spec 5.4-inch known as the iPhone 12
  • A 6.1-inch version called the iPhone 12 Max
  • A higher-spec 6.1-inch model touted the iPhone 12 Pro, and
  • A 6.7-inch incarnation known as the iPhone 12 Pro Max


MacRumors tips the high-spec models will include triple lens cameras and a higher price point to match, while the 5.4-inch and second iPhone 12 Max will be more affordable and offer dual lens cameras.

All phones in the 2020 lineup are expected to feature OLED display technology, while the 5.4-inch model would be the smallest iPhone Apple has released since the launch of the 4.7-inch SE, and the 6.7-inch Pro Max would be the largest.

Major design overhaul


Many anticipate this year will see a major design overhaul for the iPhone, with Apple offering a cursory nod to the look and feel of the iPhone 4, which features a flat screen and distinctive metal body.

TechRadar notes there will however be some differences, with the possibility of a little iPad Pro 2020 thrown into the mix as well.

Water resistant

In a welcome move last year, Apple introduced water and dust resistance, and this is likely to continue in the iPhone 12. The technology allows the phone to be submerged in water but doesn’t offer full water proofing.

New colors?


Last year’s Midnight Green iPhone Pro was more popular than expected, so there’s a chance Apple will introduce another alternative colour to its upcoming lineup. TechRadar tips this will be Navy Blue and it will be limited to just one model in the range.

Meanwhile Pro and Pro Maxs are expected to be available in the traditional colours of Space Gray, Silver and Gold, while the iPhone 12 may retain some of the pastel colours that were available as part of the iPhone 11 range.



The major rumour involving iPhone 12 cameras is that the more expensive models may feature a LIDAR scanner in addition to the three lenses.

The technology allows for improved augmented realty and better judgement of distances, and it’s an addition that’s widely expected by a number of sources.

The standard iPhone and iPhone 12 Max are not expected to utilise LIDAR and will be limited to just two camera lenses.


Many believe the iPhone 12 will see Apple debut 5G technology. This follows on from renowned analyst Ming Chi Kuo’s prediction last year that 2020 would be the year the tech co released their 5G offering to the market.

At the time it was tipped only one model would be compatible, but now it’s looking likely the entire 2020 range will cater to 5G.

Less likely rumours

According to TechRadar a less likely rumour doing the rounds is that the iPhone range will drop FaceID entirely and instead opt for a fingerprint sensor beneath the screen.

They’re not convince Apple would do away with FaceID altogether but do note the company has filed a patent exploring this technology.

Release date and price


Apple traditionally unveils its iPhone range in September, usually around the second Tuesday of the month. The phone tends to hit the shelves about 10 days after that.

This year that would mean the iPhone would be revealed on September 8, but there is a possibility this date may be set back due to Covid-19.

Regardless, pundits predict we will see the new iPhone released by the end of 2020, and prices are expected to remain on par with previous years.

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