Is your tablet secure from shoplifters?

March 10, 2020

Each year shoplifting and loss sets the retail sector back billions, with high-value goods like electronics and mobile devices among the key items contributing to this tally.

In fact, in 2019 the National Retail Federation found theft and shrink cost the industry $50.6 billion or 1.38 per cent of all sales.

Not only do shoplifters target products like electronics and apparel, but hardware and fixtures like the mobile Point of Sale can also be the subject of theft.

As you consider security instore, here’s how to ensure your tablet is secure from shoplifters.

The thing about tablets

Is your tablet secure from shoplifters?

Lightweight, relatively easy to conceal and high in value, electronics are among the most commonly stolen items in retail.

And within the electronics vertical, iPads and tablets are second only to mobile devices and accessories when it comes to theft.

That’s partly because tablets offer a theft of opportunity, but also due to the fact these are the type of items targeted by organized crime.

The important thing to note here is that it’s not just electronics retailers who tend to have these devices on hand. They’re found in most retail outlets as the Point of Sale, as information kiosks, as visual displays, or customer loyalty kiosks.

So how do you go about securing them?

The right stand

Regardless of whether the tablet is being displayed as a product or actually used as a fixture instore, utilising the right stand is the first line of defence.

You should select your stand weighing up risks like the volume of traffic in the area, how supervised that area is, and whether the device is to be used just by staff or will also be available to customers.

For example, a tablet-based kiosk positioned at the entryway will require a more secure tablet stand than one positioned on a staffed sales counter which is used by sales associates.

The tablet kiosk would benefit from a fixed stand that bolts to the floor or secures to the wall, while the counter-top stand might still have a secure lockable enclosure but could be freestanding.

Alternatively, a tablet used in a changeroom should feature both a secure, lockable enclosure and be fixed to the changeroom wall as this device is out of sight of staff and regularly used only by customers.

Or what if you’re a retailer showcasing the latest iPads? In this instance a secure iPad stand that is mounted to the counter allows customers to engage with the product, yet also protects it from theft.

Cables and alarms

Cable Lock tablet security

In some retail environments, additional security such as the use of cables and alarms might also be required. Cables help tether a tablet to either a counter, stand or wall within an outlet, while alarms alert staff when an attempted theft is taking place.

For example, telco stores are frequently the target of snatch and grab or swarming thefts, where a group of organised thieves enter a premises and rip items from displays at speed.

In this case, heavy duty cables that are properly affixed to countertops and displays can thwart the theft of high-value items like iPads and tablets.

The takeaway

Shoplifting is and always has been a crime of opportunity. If items are not secured instore, they are potential targets for theft, and that risk can increase depending on the type of retail outlet, its location, its level of staffing and the perceived value of the products it sells.

Tablets, whether they are products or used as kiosks and mobile Point of Sale are not immune to this threat.

You can view our range of secure tablet stands including secure for high-value tablets like iPads here.

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