How to re-engage with your customers

June 05, 2020

As business begins to reopen its doors and welcome back the public, now’s the time to re-engage with customers.

Part education and part re-introduction, this engagement allows valued clientele to understand you’re open, what’s available in terms of products and services, and how things have changed in your business operation in the wake of Covid-19.

Here are four tips on how to re-engage with your customers…

Re-build relationships

how to re-engage with your customers through google business

One of the major challenges for during Covid-19 shutdowns has been the fact there was no clear date when lock-downs would end, and no clear indicator of exactly what services would be permitted at what stage of any business reopening.

That means businesses need to be hyper-vigilant and hyper-clear about their reopening, utilising all the marketing and communication tools at their fingertips.

One of the best places to start is by focusing on existing clientele through your business website and targeted email campaigns. Top tips include:

Website banners or pop-ups – Banners can be used on any page of a website, without interrupting the browsing experience for the viewer. Employ banners to highlight important announcements like opening times or altered services. Meanwhile popups can also be utilised to share lengthier messages.

Targeted email – Email allows a business to connect with existing customers in a more personal way, delivering a message about reopening, products and services directly into their inbox. Utilise your CRM or tools like MailChimp to connect with customers and let them know you are ready to get back to business.

A business blog – Akin to your own publishing platform, the blog on your business website is also a solid space to outline exactly what’s happening within your business as you reopen. This is also the place where opening hours, new products, or new strategies for hygiene and social distancing can be profiled in detail. This blog can then also be fed out as part of an email campaign.

Google opening hours – At the moment customers are acutely aware that Covid-19 has changed the day-to-day operation of business. That means patrons more likely than ever to search your opening hours, prior to attending your premises. To facilitate this, ensure your hours are current and updated on Google.

Ramp up social media

how to re-engage with your customers through social media

Business blogs, emails and websites provide a formal way to connect with interested customers, but social media offers a simple and conversational platform to quickly reveal what’s going on.

Whether it’s through social media advertising or posts on a business page, reach out to customers with announcements and information that engages the customer.

Meanwhile, social media is a two-way space, so business should be vigilant about monitoring their platforms, and conversing with their audience as they seek to re-engage.

Re-introduce products and services

Now is a great time for business to profile exactly what they offer and do in a detailed way, re-introducing products and services as they become available.

This can be achieved by updating your digital catalogue, using fresh images and product descriptions or by profiling products and services on the business website or social media.

Re-connect personally

While there’s power in digital tools like email, websites, and social media, don’t underestimate the immense potential of the personal business connection in the form of a phone call or visit.

Now is absolutely the time that any business sales team should be on pointe, personally reaching out to loyal and existing customers to a) check in b) highlight what’s going on in the business and what’s now available and c) offer deals, savings or loyalty incentives to re-engage with the client.

The final word

After weeks of insecurity about when business would reopen and the financial toll it would take, the next few weeks will prove critical when it comes to re-connecting with customers and welcoming them back to a new normal.

The businesses which are proactive in their communication, clear in their messaging and welcoming in their response are likely to re-engage their customers faster in the push to get back to business post Covid-19.

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