How tablet stands can assist with the Christmas retail rush

December 03, 2020

With the countdown now officially on until Christmas, retailers are hoping to make up for lost ground with a bumper season of sales.

That’s where tablets are coming into their own as a tech tool that can help improve the customer experience, while also facilitating the surge in demand for services like click and collect, and online delivery.

So, let’s take a quick look at how tablets can assist with the Christmas retail rush.

Mobile Point of Sale

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Mobile Point of Sale has been one of the major revolutions in retail over the past decade.

Using a tablet connected to the Cloud, it allows retailers take the register to the consumer and quickly scale up to deploy extra registers during busy periods.

As a result, it slashes time spent in the queue, facilitating swifter more streamlined sales transactions, that can occur anywhere on the shop floor.

Click and Collect

This year Click and Collect (Buy Online Pickup Instore – BOPIS) has seen an unprecedented uptick in demand as customers seek to make their purchases while adhering to social distancing guidelines.

Christmas 2020 continues that trend, and truth be told, it’s likely to endure long after the year ends.

Tablets are among the tools facilitating this service, allowing sales associates to instantly receive orders, fulfill them, then track their status and sign off on their collection on one convenient hand-held device.

Order fulfillment

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Many retailers have quickly pivoted to adapt in 2020 by increasing their online offering and delivery services. Again, tablets play a critical role by assisting with order fulfillment either at the warehouse, or back of house in-store.

Convenient, mobile and connected to the Cloud, they allow for the accurate tracking of inventory and orders, and then assist with dispatch.

As Australia Post recently noted in their latest online shopping report, this Christmas is set to smash all records when it comes to online purchases, and retailers need to be ready, willing and able to accommodate the online ordering trend.

Staff knowledge

In the real-world retail realm, the customer experience has never been more critical. This Christmas, every customer who walks into a store counts and their experience must be second to none.

So, it pays to consider exactly what customers seek when they embrace the bricks and mortar retail environment.

Chances are it’s one of a few select factors:

  • The ability to touch and feel products
  • Staff knowledge about items
  • Immediate purchase

Tablet holders can assist by arming staff with all the latest insight, information, and resources they need to offer unparalleled service to customers.

In the hands of sales associates, tablets can be used to access stock levels, order items on behalf of a shopper, seek accompanying products and even view reviews and testimonials or search for an item a shopper may seek.

Digital displays

In a similar vein, tablets used as digital displays and digital signage allow customers to truly engage with a product or see promotions that might pique their interest.

Within the retail environment, digital displays can be used to lure customers in as they walk past a store, or alternatively offer additional insight into products including what they do, and how they complement other items.

In-store digital signage can also be used with QR codes to allow the potential buyer to access further information on their smart phone and take that with them.

These displays then become part of the storytelling that occurs in-store, allowing consumers to interact with and understand products at a whole new level.

Tablet holders and stands in stores create a valuable asset to both staff and customers. Whether at the counter or on a floor stand at the entrance, the opportunity for adaptable digital displays allows for extra engagement with your customers.

The final word

While the focus might currently be on the Christmas retail rush, many of these trends are evergreen and will continue long beyond the festive season of 2020.

If you’re looking to harness the power of tablets in-store, you can view our range of tablet holders suited to commercial environments here.

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