How tablets are helping business reopen

November 12, 2020

Our lifestyle, our work life, our shopping habits…few areas of life have been left untouched by the threat of COVID-19 in 2020.

We are avoiding crowded places, we have been working from home, and we are more aware of who we come into close proximity with than ever before.

As businesses continue to reopen and embrace the new normal, technology, including tablets, is playing a critical role. Here are just some of the ways that humble mobile tablets are helping business reopen across the globe…

Visitor management

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Never before has it been more important to account for who is entering a workplace.  It’s also critical to understand where these visitors have been prior and whether they potentially pose a health threat to employees and other patrons.

Globally, that has seen adoption of digital visitor management systems skyrocket as companies look to them as the first line of defence against the threat of COVID-19.

Deployed on tablets, they meet regulatory requirements of record keeping, but also assist with contact tracing.

mPOS and e-commerce

Adoption of mobile Point of Sale has been steadily increasing over recent years, but COVID has accelerated this further.

In 2018, Juniper Research predicted mPOS transactions would triple to 87 billion by 2023, and that was before the onset of COVID-19.

Now mPOS has been quickly adopted by retailers and hospitality venues to help slash the number of customers waiting in a queue and to take the register directly to them.

It’s also being deployed behind the scenes to assist with Buy Online Pickup In Store (BOPIS or Click and Collect) and order fulfillment for e-commerce.

Digital signage and traffic counting

With social distancing and sanitisation among the key strategies many governments have rolled out to combat the spread of COVID, signage has become paramount.

And again, tablets are playing a role as digital signage boards that relay messages reminding patrons to sanitise their hands, wear masks or keep their distance from others.

They are also being deployed in conjunction with traffic counting, alerting customers when maximum capacity has been reached at a venue and they need to wait, or when they are free to enter.

Crowd management

As malls begin to reopen, centre landlords and management are also drawing on tablets to assist with crowd management.

Using real time heat mapping and traffic counting data that is relayed to a handheld tablet, they can quickly see where crowds are assembling and send teams in to disperse them

Virtual queuing and customer check-in

At the coalface of retail, hospitality and customer service businesses like banks, tablets are also assisting with virtual queuing and customer check-in.

When a business is simply too busy, customers can check-in on a tablet and schedule an appointment or take a virtual place in a queue using QR codes.

In the case of virtual queuing, they are then alerted when they are next in line and can return to the business or retail outlet to achieve their initial goal.



It’s no secret people’s confidence in public spaces has been shaken during COVID-19.

For example, a recent survey of consumers in Australia found:

  • 34 per cent of customers had switched stores in a bid to shop in an environment that was less crowded
  • 19 per cent had switched to a store that they believed was cleaner
  • 16 per cent had switched to retailers with better delivery or pickup options

Meanwhile, further research found one in four people were concerned about returning to their workplace.

Both sets of data serve to illustrate how COVID-19 is changing the behaviour of employees and customers.

For business, that means providing a safe, sanitised  environment is paramount, and for many the way to ensure they meet the changed expectation is by seeking feedback from both staff and customers to identify what’s working and what’s not.

Tablets are playing a role here as well, acting as feedback terminals that seek instant insight without the need for questions to be asked in person.

The final word

COVID-19 has driven the adoption of technology across all types of industries in all corners of the globe. And among the tools facilitating this adoption is the humble mobile tablet.

Affordable, accessible, and scalable, mobile tablets are playing a critical role everywhere from retail to business to logistics as business seeks to reopen.

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