Five factors to consider when selecting a commercial tablet stand

December 21, 2020

Mobile tablets remain a hugely popular tool in business and enterprise but using a mobile device in a commercial setting is a far different proposition to kicking back watching Netflix on an iPad at home.

Whether it’s deployed as an information kiosk, visitor sign-in or mobile Point of Sale, a tablet in a commercial environment will require a stand and enclosure that serves to protect it yet facilitate functionality. And not all tablet stands are created equal or suited to the rigors of commercial use.

So here are five factors to consider when selecting a commercial tablet stand.


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Chances are if you’re deploying a mobile tablet in a commercial environment, it will be in a high-use, high-traffic area, which means the tablet stand you select should be durable.

As part of its day to day role, the tablet may be used by multiple people, for example as a Point of Sale. It might be positioned in tough environment, for example a warehouse or kitchen.

Or it might be located in a place where it is regularly handled by members of the public, for example an information kiosk.

Regardless of how exactly the tablet is used, the stand you select to protect it should be tough and feature commercial grade materials such as steel or ABS plastic.


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If your tablet is located in a high-traffic public area, security is also a factor you need to consider, asking yourself is this device at risk of theft?

If the answer is maybe or a definite yes, then the tablet enclosure and stand will need to be lockable, and may even require additional security features like a cable lock that tethers the tablet to a bench, counter, table etc.


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How exactly will your tablet be used and where will it be positioned? This question determines the type of mount that you should select to go with your tablet enclosure.

Tablet mounts come in a variety of options including wall mounts, desktop stands, and floor stands.

They can be bolted in place or more free standing.

So for example, a Point of Sale order pad in a busy restaurant might be affixed to a wall where multiple staff can easily access it, but the restaurant register where customers finalise their bills might be a countertop stand, which is bolted to the front counter.

Meanwhile, a customer information kiosk at the front of a retail outlet might utilise a floor stand.

Cable management

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For aesthetic appeal and safety, cable management is another factor to consider when selecting both a tablet enclosure and tablet stand. In other words, how will the charging cables that your tablet requires be accommodated by the stand and enclosure?

The best commercial stands will allow for concealed cable management, where the cables run from the enclosure through the stand and are then channelled to the nearest power outlet.

Flexibility and use

Does your tablet need to swivel or pivot, or is there a preferred angle that it might need to accommodate?

Stands come with a variety of mounts that allow the tablet to move or be locked into a preferred position. For example, some tablets might need to swivel 180 degrees between the staff member behind the counter and the customer on the other side.

Other tablets might need to rotate between portrait and landscape mode to accommodate different apps.

Meanwhile, a mobile POS might need to allow for its angle to be adjusted in order to accommodate staff of different heights.

Aesthetic appeal

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Last but not least, how will your tablet stand look within its commercial environment? Tablets are often positioned in high-visibility areas, such as entryways or at the register, so their design should compliment the customer experience you are seeking to offer.

In addition to being durable, secure, and flexible, they should offer aesthetic appeal, either blending into or enhancing the chosen environment.

If you’re looking for a tablet stand which accommodates all the criteria above and more, you can view our range of commercial-grade tablet stands and enclosures here.

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