Why use in-store survey software?

September 15, 2019

In the digitally savvy world, the reputation of a retailer and its products can be one of the major deciders when it comes to whether a customer visits your store or the next.

In fact, an estimated 90 per cent of customers read online reviews prior to visiting a business, and 88 per cent trust those reviews as much as the recommendation of a friend.

So how do you encourage shoppers to leave their feedback and reviews? You make it simple. And one of the ways to do this is via an in-store kiosk and survey software.

Here’s an insight into the power of reviews and how you can encourage shoppers to come to the feedback fiesta.

The power of reviews

In retail the power of feedback and reviews has long been understood. And in a world where the consumer is more educated than ever before, with more information at the fingertips than any time prior, reviews are an increasingly important factor in the purchasing journey.

In fact, research indicates 90 per cent of consumers seek out online reviews before visiting a business, while 88 per cent trust them as much as the recommendation of friends.

Importantly, customers reading reviews are also likely to spend more as a result, forking out up to 31 per cent more with businesses who enjoyed ‘excellent’ reviews.

In addition, the statistics note:

  • 72 per cent of customers say positive reviews make them trust a business more
  • 92 per cent of consumers would use a local business with at least a four-star rating
  • 72 per cent would take action only after reading a positive review

Reviews rank as so important to customers, the latest Consumer View Report from the US National Retail Federation found almost half of all shoppers value technology that helps them access reviews.

In their study of the technology that matters most in the retail environment, they found 49 per cent of shoppers want assistance comparing products prices or reviews, and 42 per cent feel these technologies are very important.

Encouraging reviews

survey software

In the online world, gathering and displaying reviews is simple. An online retailer just asks for a rating as part of the purchasing journey prior to, during or after checkout.

But what about in the real-world environment? One of the most effective ways to encourage your in-store customers to leave reviews is to make it simple and appealing through technology like kiosks.

In this instance you lock your iPad or tablet into kiosk mode with a review app that makes it easy for shoppers to leave feedback.

A host of review apps are available, many of which are linked directly to your POS store management system, allowing you to quickly capture reviews and then utilise them online or on display in-store.

The software you use can range from dedicated review apps like Yelp or Review Tracker, or you can design and offer a quick and easy in-store survey, you can lock your kiosk to Google reviews, or Facebook, or set up a quick and easy page on your site that customers can access in store.

Meanwhile, you can also actively seek reviews at the mobile Point of Sale, handing over the tablet for customers to quickly give their feedback.

Either way, as the Retail Doctor notes, one of the most important tips for getting customers to review your store and products is to simply ask them and make the process simple.

You can then opt to further entice them through rewards or incentives for offering their opinion, and you can follow up using customer contact information and email.

Best Stand Options For In-Store Reviews

Floor Standing

floor tablet stand

Floor standing displays are ideal for digital signage at the entryway to a retail outlet, hotel or business.

Featuring a heavy duty 3kg base, which can also be screwed to the floor, freestanding displays are set at the comfortable height of 1.2m and feature internal cable management, a lockable Fusion faceplate, and the option to rotate the device 90ᵒ between portrait and landscape mode.

View the Bosstab Fusion Floor Stand

Desktop Stand

desktop tablet stand

Designed for benches, tables or counters, the desktop tablet stand is also available in a variety of options, including freestanding, screw-mounted and with a 270ᵒ swivel base.

Meanwhile, lockable faceplates come in a range of sizes to suit and secure all commonly used tablets.

View the full range of Bosstab Desktop Stands

Wall Mounted

wall mounted tablet stand

Wall mounted tablets offer a streamlined look and easy interaction for the customer. Bosstab has a couple of options available, all of which offer excellent security for your device.

You can mount the tablet directly to the wall using a fixed wall mount or have a tablet that rotates between landscape and portrait mode, courtesy of a short, wall-mounted arm.

Each option allows for discreet cable management, device charging and security.

View the full range of Bosstab Wall Mounted Stands

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