Why quality counts when it comes to tablet stands

July 12, 2019

Chances are you’ve spent a lot of time outfitting your retail environment, café or business, and there’s an equal likelihood you have invested in quality technology like mobile tablets to support your enterprise.

But what about the stands that allow you staff and clientele to seamlessly utilize these mobile devices? Just like fixtures, fittings and technology, quality counts when it comes to the products you select to showcase and secure your mobile device.

Here’s why tablet stand quality matters and the features you should seek when selecting an enclosure and stand.

Not your average environment

Table Stand

Unlike domestic use, where iPads and tablets are handled with care, the commercial environment is not so gentle to the technology it relies on.

That’s partly because commercial environments tend to be busy, but also because the people using the devices aren’t the ones who have outlaid cold hard cash to buy them.
The upshot is that handy little tablet your business now boasts to improve customer service or streamline operational efficiency will take some hard knocks.

For some that will be the hard knocks of consistent use, for others they will be subject to extreme conditions like operating in food service environments, and for others still it will involve the hard knocks of multiple users accessing a device.

Meanwhile, any technology is a potential target of theft, so that little device will need to be locked down and secured, regardless of whether your business is in retail, hospitality or general customer service.

That makes the stand you select an important investment in protecting your businesses’ mobile technology, so what features should you seek to guarantee its quality?


Durability is the key feature of any tablet stand used in a commercial environment. The tablet stand and enclosure should be constructed of quality materials that can take wear and tear over time.

Quality materials means hardwearing ones like steel, and commercial grade plastic along with additional features like heavy-duty stands that can be affixed to surfaces and options like swivels that can take consistent use.


As we mentioned, mobile devices are a target for theft. That means they need to be securely locked down within an enclosure and also bolted to a wall, floor or counter in your business if required.

At this point you also need to consider the quality of the locking mechanism involved. Is it commercial grade, is each lock individual, can you have one key open multiple devices at your outlet if needed?

Easy to use

Whether it’s a digital display, an information kiosk or point of sale, how easy is the stand and enclosure to use. Chances are at some point you will need to access the device inside for replacement or repair, and how hard is it to get to within the stand you select?

Tablet Stand

Looking for a secure tablet stand?


Your stand might be heavy duty and it might be secure, but a quality stand will also be functional and suited to your business environment. Whether it’s to be wall mounted, floor standing or affixed to a tabletop, does it offer comfort, and usability to your staff or clientele, while blending seamlessly into your business environment?


Tablet Wall Mount

Tablet stands are an investment, and quality ones will come with a warranty and after-sales service that allows you to speak with a person should you have a question, or something goes wrong.

All these factors are key indicators that the stand you are considering is a quality product.

Spare parts

Finally, what if you shift locations and something goes missing, or what if you install a device that’s a different size? Will you have to buy an entirely new stand, or does your supplier offer spare parts?

The provision of spare parts indicates your supplier is committed to their product and its longevity. More importantly, it illustrates they’re willing to work you in business in the knowledge your business environment, hardware and fit out will change over time, and they’re on hand to assist as affordably and reliably as possible.

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