Why have a digital product guide?

May 02, 2019

Remember the days when you trawled through the weekly shopping catalogues looking to find the best deals? Now, that experience is increasingly happening online. But savvy retailers are also finding innovative ways to introduce the catalogue into real-world retail, delivering a digital product guide right there on the showroom floor.

In doing so, they are helping guide their consumers through the customer journey, furnishing them with handy information and taking the hard work out of making a sale.

Here’s five reasons to consider having a digital product guide in store.

What is a digital product guide?

A digital product guide is a showcase of your store’s products, much like the colour print catalogues of old. Its benefit is in the detailed information it can offer and the way it can illustrate usage of a product while also incorporating social proof through reviews.

Why would you have one instore?

An instore digital product guide allows retailers to unite the online and physical retail worlds. It’s a way of improving the customer experience by providing all the necessary information required for a consumer to make a purchase.

The information provided can range from product reviews to real world use illustrations allowing consumers to immerse themselves in their understanding of a product.

Detailed product insight

While hard copy catalogues are limited by space, digital catalogues are not. They provide an avenue to offer detailed product insight including ingredients, how the item was made, where it’s sourced from and even videos about how it can be used.

This allows a consumer to engage in a relationship with the product and envisage how it could apply to them in their real world.

Social proof

Statistics indicate over 97 per cent of consumers look at product or service reviews before making a purchase, while 85 per cent of those consumers trust these reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Digital catalogues allow retail outlets to use this social proof instore to its best effect, by linking customers to the real-world reviews and testimonials that surround a product.

Additional stock

A major benefit of digital product guides is that they can overcome the limitations of available floor space and inventory.

Digital catalogues allow a retailer to promote products that may be available elsewhere, such as at another outlet or at an e-commerce warehouse. They also offer the chance to upsell and cross sell accessories or relevant items associated with that product.

Ultimately this expands their offering, and the retailer can further cater to the customer experience by then making the item available to collect instore, or via delivery.

Online and physical

The ultimate advantage of a digital catalogues is that it allows retailers to play to both their online and physical retail strengths. A consumer can enjoy the expert assistance of a retail associate, interact with the physical store’s location and brand, while also accessing items or deals that are primarily available from that outlet online.

It is omnichannel retailing that employs best practice, opening a world of opportunity for consumers.

Not just retailers

While retail is the prime example of how a digital catalogue or product guide can be implemented, its benefits also extend to service industries, general business and government.

A tablet-based kiosk featuring a guide to services allows business and government to illustrate their offerings, showcase their success and better cater to their client.

Tablet stands for digital product guides

Bosstab has a wide range of tablet stands suited to showcasing digital product guides. These include wall-mounted, freestanding and countertop displays which all feature a secure, lockable faceplate that is designed to protect the device.

Wall mounted

Wall Mounted iPad

Wall mounted tablets offer a streamlined look and easy interaction for the customer. Bosstab has a couple of options available, all of which offer excellent security for your device.

You can mount the tablet direct to the wall using a fixed wall mount or have a tablet that rotates between landscape and portrait mode, courtesy of a short wall mounted arm.

Each option allows for discreet cable management, device charging and security.

Freestanding display

Floor Mounted iPad Stand

Floor standing displays are ideal for digital signage at the entryway to a retail outlet.

Featuring a heavy duty 3kg base, which can also be screwed to the floor, freestanding displays are set at the comfortable height of 1.2m and feature internal cable management, a lockable Fusion faceplate, and the option to rotate the device 90ᵒ between portrait and landscape mode.


Counter Mounted iPad

Ideal for benches, tables or counters, the countertop display is also available in a variety of options, including freestanding, screw-mounted and with a 270ᵒ swivel base.

Meanwhile, lockable faceplates come in a range of sizes to suit and secure all commonly used tablets.

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