What is PoE (Power over Ethernet) and how does it work?

November 12, 2019

For businesses or organisations looking to install wall-mounted tablets or iPads, one of the major factors they need to consider is power supply.

Up until recently maintaining charge to a wall-mounted tablet required the installation of an additional power socket using a professional electrician, or the complex handling and safe channelling of extension cords.

But that’s no longer the case courtesy of Power over Ethernet (PoE).

Here’s a rundown of what PoE is, how it works and how you can use it in conjunction with a tablet wall mount to easily fit devices into your commercial environment.

What is PoE?

In technical terms Power Over Ethernet is a standard for sending data and/or power over an ethernet cable to low-wattage devices, including iPads, tablets, security cameras, iOT devices and more.

Although this may not sound like much, PoE offers a series of advantages, particularly in areas which may not have access to a power outlets, and where installing a power outlet may be complex or expensive.

Often used to maintain an electricity supply in remote areas, Power over Ethernet is becoming an increasingly popular option in a world where connected devices such as smart home appliances are growing.

How PoE works

what is poe and how does it work?

PoE uses an Ethernet cable to deliver both power and or data to a device. That means the cable which runs from your network or router can be used to power a device, or alternately a power plug can also offer a PoE Ethernet port which then transfers power to a device.

These days Ethernet cables are also commonly fitted into the walls of buildings during construction, and if they aren’t they can be easily retrofitted.

That Ethernet cable is then fed into an adaptor to transfer the power supply into the correct-styled port of a device such as an iPad lightning charger, USB charging, or USB-C etc.

PoE benefits

The major benefit of PoE is that it makes installing low-wattage devices easier. Instead of needing an electrician to wire a full AC/DC power point into a wall or area where the device is to be used, a simple ethernet cable can be fed to the device.

That means installation costs less as no electrician is required and awkward or remote locations can be easily accommodated.

PoE can now support a huge array of devices, including laptops, digital signage, security camera, Point of Sale systems, and tablets. And that list is steadily growing.

PoE and tablets

what is poe and how does it work?

Whether you have an iPad-based information kiosk, or a wall-mounted tablet as part of your Point of Sale, PoE allows you to easily connect that device to a power supply, without requiring an AC/DC outlet.

The cable is simply fed through the wall from an IEEE 802.3af switch or injector that converts power to PoE (Power over Ethernet), then out via a tiny hole.

The tablet is then mounted to the wall using an iPad wall mount such as the Hub tablet wall mount, with a PoE adaptor used to convert the cable from Ethernet to lightning charger.

No electrician is required, allowing for simple affordable installation and greater mobility.

Bosstab PoE adaptor

In addition to supplying iPad wall mounts, tablet wall mounts and a range of iPad and tablet stands, Bosstab now offers power-only PoE adaptors suited to iPads. This adaptor converts Ethernet cables to a lightning charger, which can be used to power your wall mounted device.

You can purchase the PoE adaptor here, or purchase the Hub tablet wall mount.

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