How can you use an iPad stand in your business?

January 29, 2019

Since its launch almost a decade ago, the iPad has attained a stellar reputation as the mobile device of choice for playing, working and accessing information on the go.

But often there’s one essential skill that’s overlooked in all the talk of its mobile capability. The iPad is the ideal static device for a range of business applications.

Simple to use, aesthetically pleasing and perfectly suited to being mounted on a stand, the iPad can serve as anything from an information kiosk to a check-in service or a point of sale.

So, here are five ways to use an iPad with a stand to improve everyday business.

Information and service kiosks

Stroll into your bank or local government office and increasingly the iPad is making its presence felt, serving as a pseudo receptionist to facilitate a range of tasks.

Its deployment can be simple – allowing guests or clients insight into what is located where in a building. Or it can be more complex, facilitating common tasks.

At banks, for example, iPads can cut the queue by allowing customers to access their accounts online, set passwords or change their pin numbers, with an attendant on hand to assist.

Government agencies use iPads to spruik services or so customers can register for a queue and perform functions like paying dog registrations, changing their address, or making rates payments.

Meanwhile, iPads can also act as a simple static display, showcasing a business’ services, testimonials and how products are used.
In retail, static iPad kiosks also present a further opportunity to engage clientele on site by offering an access point to log in and register loyalty details or to peruse the latest catalogue in-store.

For entertainment

Whether it’s in the dentist’s waiting room, in a café or as you prepare to board that delayed flight, iPads often serve the very real purpose of occupying clientele as they await services or spend time within a business.

In café's iPad kiosks can be utilised to occupy clientele over a quick coffee, restaurants provide them in dedicated kids’ rooms to keep the children entertained, and even the local orthodontist might have an iPad or two available to while away the time prior to an appointment.

Their prime function is entertainment, but they’re offering a customer service as well, making time spent within a business all the more convenient and pleasurable.

Customer check-in

Even in the early days iPad’s potential for customer check-in was recognized by major corporate players like the Hyatt and a number of airlines, allowing guests and passengers to quickly check-in without the hassle of queuing.

In business it offers the benefits of efficiency for clientele while freeing up customer service attendants to focus on more complex tasks.

Meanwhile, over the past few years, more and more events have been utilizing iPads and a variety of available software to facilitate check-in at conferences, expos and performances.

iPad Stand

Looking to deploy an iPad stand in your business?

Point of sale

In both retail and hospitality one of the most common uses for the static iPad on a stand is as an easy and affordable point of sale.

iPads can be readily mounted on countertops, tabletops or walls around a café, restaurant or retail outlet at a fraction of the cost of traditional points of sale.

And there’s a wealth of software available to facilitate the task.

Meanwhile, the iPad on a stand offers further convenience, in that in some configurations the display can be readily detached from the base to act as a mobile point of sale.

Meeting bookings

Whether it’s a co-working space or a busy office environment, meeting rooms are prime real estate where the booking reigns supreme.

Where once bookings were facilitated through pen and paper, now a simple iPad on a stand easily serves as the meeting room receptionist, with a range of software available to accommodate just this task.

Such a nifty little device

The perennial charm of the iPad is that it’s intuitive to use, easy to install and there’s a wealth of software available in a variety of apps to suit almost any business need.

The iPad also boasts features to ensure it can be locked into kiosk mode, only accessing the information or software a business wants clients to see.

A stand for any occasion

Bosstab has an extensive range of stands specifically designed to accommodate the iPad in commercial settings. Comprising a secure lockable enclosure and stands for any purpose, the selection allows businesses to securely mount iPads to walls, affix them to countertops, or anchor them to the floor as a free-standing display.

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