Six unexpected places you find iPads and mobile tablets in business

May 03, 2019

Almost 10 years after iPads first hit the market and mobile tablets began making their way into homes, educational facilities and business, chances are you’ve encountered them at work.

Portable, accessed via the Cloud, and functional, these dynamic little mobile devices serve a host of common purposes like mobile Point of Sale, information kiosks, working on the go and so much more.

But what about the unusual roles they fulfil? Here’s an insight into six unexpected places you find iPads and mobile tablets in business.

At reception

In the past decade more and more mobile devices have been popping up in the reception areas of a whole host of sectors, allowing business to offer better customer service.

From hotel receptions to flight check-in and motor vehicle registries, they’re allowing business to significantly shave off time spent in the queue. While the fact iPads and mobile tablets appear in reception may not be unexpected, the pure range of sectors where they pop up arguably is.

Mobile devices can now be found everywhere from airports to luxury hotels, local government foyers, and at events, allowing patrons to access and check into the services available.

In the hands of sales associates

Sales associates now have more information at their fingertips than ever before, courtesy of mobile technology.

In the hands of sales associates, iPads and mobile tablets allow staff to seek information on available inventory, access additional information about products, showcase product demonstrations and even make sales on the showroom floor.

For appointment setting and bookings

Whether it’s booking the squash court at the local gym, or scheduling a meeting in the boardroom, iPads and mobile tablets have the ability to transform the booking process.

They offer the benefit of allowing patrons to see what timeslots are available, then update the schedule immediately when new appointments are taken. It eliminates double handling of information and reduces paperwork.

Importantly, this information is stored in the Cloud and can be viewed remotely, so even when the receptionist is located elsewhere at a facility, they have an updated schedule of what is happening where.

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For meetings

Whether it’s a virtual meeting or one conducted face-to-face, iPads or mobile tablets are making meetings easier.

They can be used as a screen for virtual conferences, a voice recorder or for minute-taking at face-to- face get togethers, or utilised as a simple tool to work through the points scheduled for discussion while accessing additional displays and information.

Meanwhile, their ability to screen cast allows this information to be relayed to the TV or large screen in the meeting room.

As an advertising display

A static advertising or promotional display is a great way of showcasing products or services to potential or current clients.

Mobile tablets and iPads make this easier to implement and more affordable than ever before.

By simply locking a tablet into kiosk mode, retailers and service providers can illustrate their offerings over and over again, and easily update or change them when required.

It’s an opportunity to highlight things like reviews, specials, limited time offers and a company’s success.

Back of house

Behind the scenes a wealth of industries employ mobile tablets to streamline business efficiency.

These devices have helped eliminate extraneous paperwork and have made their presence felt in the airline industry, health sector, hospitality industry and trade area alike.

For example, in 2011 United Airlines joined a host of aviation companies and implemented 11,000 iPads in the cockpit of United and Continental flights. In doing so they helped cut back on the 12,000 sheets of paper that pilots typically carried.

Meanwhile, real estate agents utilize mobile devices to tick the boxes and take images of rental inspections, trade services use them to identify their next job, access its location and immediately file the paperwork required, and even chefs refer to mobile devices to account for inventory and to re-order required stock.

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