Stands now available for the iPad 10.2 7th Gen

October 23, 2019

Just weeks after the 7th generation iPad hit stores, Bosstab has unveiled its Fusion enclosure for the device, allowing Apple’s most affordable and popular iPad to be deployed as a kiosk or mobile Point of Sale in commercial settings.

Tailored to the increased size of the latest iPad, the Fusion enclosure suits a variety of different stand heights and mountings, allowing the iPad to be utilised in retail outlets, hospitality, business and customer service environments.

It comes as the iPad 7th generation looks primed to be one of Apple’s most popular iPads to date. Here’s an insight into what it offers.

The iPad 7th generation

stands now available for the ipad 7th gen

Arriving in stores in late September, the iPad 7th generation is the latest incarnation of the tech giant’s highly-affordable, garden variety model.

The new device features a 10.2-inch screen size, offers compatibility with a smart keyboard and Apple Pencil support, and retails from just US$329 (AU $529) for the 32GB version.

This 10.2-inch screen-size marks an increase on previous years, with a Retina display boasting over 3.5 million pixels. Apple notes this is designed to cater to the increased use of augmented reality and additional features like a floating onscreen keyboard, which lets users type with one hand.

Inside, there is the A10X Fusion chip, which offers an increase in processing speed on previous models.

Running iPad OS

The latest entry-level iPad runs Apple’s new purpose-built tablet software, iPadOS.

Designed to transform iPads from an extension of the smartphone to a true laptop alternative, iPadOS has a host of improved features.

These include a better use of screen real estate, better multitasking capability, an improved website browsing experience, a performance boost, and greater gesture control.

iPad 10.2 specs

stands now available for the ipad 7th gen

The iPad 10.2 is available with either 32GB or 128GB of storage. It comes with a fully recycled aluminum cover in Rose Gold, Space Gray or Silver.

Charging is via a Lightning port, and unlocking is facilitated through TouchID rather than the FaceID which is available on more premium models.

Meanwhile, it features an 8mp rear-facing camera and a 1.2mp front facing lens, and weighs in at less than 500 grams.

The Fusion enclosure

ipad 10.2 7th gen stand and case

The Bosstab Fusion enclosure is purpose-built to accommodate the new 10.2-inch size of the iPad 7th generation.

Featuring durable materials, the Fusion enclosure comprises a metal faceplate and ABS plastic enclosure that are locked snugly around the device.

Keys can be utilised for a single device or one key can be configured to open multiple enclosures throughout an establishment.

A range of stands are then supported allowing the enclosure to be affixed to a tabletop, benchtop, wall, or used as a free-standing floor-mounted kiosk.

Cables are also seamlessly managed and can be channelled through the Fusion stand.

Meanwhile, the enclosure and stands come with the option of swivel, rotate, or fixed configurations, allowing the iPad 7th generation to be used in a host of different ways in a variety of commercial settings.

You can learn more about setting your iPad 7th generation up as a kiosk here or browse our range of Fusion enclosures and stands for the iPad 7th generation here.

The Fusion enclosure joins a lineup of Bosstab enclosures designed to facilitate the use of iPads in commercial settings.

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