Samsung to release Galaxy View 2

February 21, 2019

Back in 2015, Samsung released its biggest ever tablet in the form of the Galaxy View. Measuring a whopping 18.4-inches, it was in many ways akin to a portable TV, running Android 5.1 and featuring viewing apps like Netflix, AOL and YouTube.

But due to confusion about its size and purpose, the View wasn’t exactly the hit of the year. Now, rumors abound that Samsung is set to give the View a new lease on life and a second chance, with the Samsung Galaxy View 2 due to hit the market some time this year.

So how are they planning to win people over?

Samsung Galaxy View 2 – the rumors

Android Police is leading the charge when it comes to information about the rumored release of the Samsung Galaxy View 2.

They say a source has revealed the new device will be much more compact than the previous one with a 17.5 inch screen. It will also feature a hinge for a stand, and utilise USB-C charging.

This marks a departure from the original design. Previously the tablet was lugged around via a handle, and used laptop-style charging.

“Instead of a massive handle, the View 2 will use a book-style hinge as a stand,” Android Police notes.

“It can be set up in two basic configurations: in the “closed” position, the hinge (which is the full size of the tablet itself) will allow you to use the Galaxy View 2 a bit like a drafting desk, with the tablet angled around thirty degrees upward for easier viewing.

“In the open or deployed position, the hinge serves as a stand that keeps the screen upright (i.e., like a laptop) for watching video. The hinge and stand, according to our source, are not removable.”

Meanwhile the 17.5-inch screen is tipped to feature 1080p HD resolution.

Video by Austin Evans

Galaxy View Stand

Looking to deploy a Galaxy View for your business?

Benchmark leak

Tablet News notes rumor and innuendo have been backed up by a recent leak. In late January they obtained a purported copy of the Samsung Galaxy View 2 benchmarking report.

It indicates the device will feature:

  • The Android 8.1 Oreo operating system
  • An Exynos 7885 processor
  • 3GB RAM

It’s further anticipated it will be available with 32GB, if not 64GB, and good battery life, but the cameras may not be anything to write home about.

Tech Times also predicts a stylus will not be supported, but a MicroSD Card slot will probably be included.

“Additionally, the device will be sold via AT&T and might not be marketed as a PC replacement or a portable workstation. Rather, it will be geared as another device for media streaming purposes such as a touch-enabled kitchen-TV or a portable backyard TV,” they state.

Price and Release date

There are no firm indications on price or when the Galaxy View will be released, but it is anticipated to be this year. The original launched in October 2015, retailing for US$599.

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