New Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 launched in Germany

March 17, 2019

Amidst a whole lot of fanfare over foldable phones and the new Galaxy Tab S5e, Samsung has also quietly released an upgrade to its Galaxy Tab A 10.1 Android tablet, unveiling the device in Germany with a super affordable price tag.

So, what is the Tab A 10.1 and will it be coming to a retailer near you?

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1

The new Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 is an upgrade to an Android device first launched in 2016. At present the 2019 model is only available in Germany and will hit the market there on April 5. Upgrades to the previous model include an improved front facing camera, increased storage capacity (both internal and externa), and a more lightweight design.

Priced from just US$240, the latest release is set to offer a device with good specifications yet a very affordable price tag, so let’s look at what’s in the box.

Screen and sound

To keep the price tag down, Samsung has opted for an LCD screen rather than AMOLED, and it measures up at 10.1 inches with full HD resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels.

There is no fingerprint sensor, but rather the device relies on a face unlocking camera. The tablet also comes minus the four surround speakers found in the S5e, and instead features a dual speaker with Dolby Atmos.


The cameras also look to be pretty standard with an 8MP main camera on the back and a 5MP selfie camera at the front.

Under the hood

Running Android 9 Pie, this latest Tab A 10.1 relies on an octa-core Eynes 7904 processor, with 2GB RAM and 32GB inbuilt storage.

That can be expanded up to 400GB courtesy of MicroSD. Meanwhile the tablet come complete with a nice juicy 6,150 mAh battery.

Charging is via USB-C and it can also connect to an external keyboard courtesy of the pogo pin port.

The body

The feature that has most reviewers mentioning the new Tab A 10.1 is its build quality. Samsung has opted for a metal body which offers a quality feel to an otherwise affordable device. It measures up at 7.5 mm in thickness and weighs just 460 grams.

It’s currently available in Black, Gold and Silver.

Two versions

Samsung is releasing the Tab A 10.1 in two versions – standard Wi-Fi and 4G-LTE, with the standard model priced at just US$240 while the 4G kicks off at US$300.

Release date

Although the 2019 Tab A 10.1 is slated for release in Germany on April 5, there is no word when it will become more widely available. The likelihood is it will be sometime later in the US Q2 quarter.


When the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 hit the market back in 2016 it proved a popular device for everyday users, offering the reliability of Samsung quality combined with sheer affordability in a user-friendly Android tablet.

This latest model looks set to tap into the same market.

Stands available for Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1

Galaxy Tab A 10.1 Stand

Bosstab has a range of secure stands available that allow the Tab A 10.1 to be utilised in commercial settings like retail and hospitality.

Our Fusion enclosures for the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 feature a lock, a heavy-duty metal face-plate and a durable ABS plastic case.

They are compatible with a range of stands suited to countertops, wall mounting, or freestanding displays and come with options like flexible arms, or the ability to rotate and flip your device.

You can see our full range of stands and enclosures here.

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