Microsoft continues its business push with the Surface Go

February 13, 2019

Microsoft is continuing its push to dominate the professional and education markets, with the compact Surface Go now available with LTE.

Launched mid last year, the Surface Go is one of the tech giant’s most popular tablets to date, offering the convenience of Windows 10 in a 10-inch tablet.

Now it’s set to make that convenience more portable, by adding a SIM card slot that allows users to directly access the 4G cellular network.

The business and education push

Describing the Surface Go as “compact, performant, manageable, and affordable”, Microsoft says the device is attracting widespread praise from workers and the education sector alike.

“Surface Go is a great device for Firstline Workers who are out in the field, directly interacting with customers,” they claim.

“In K-8 classrooms, Surface Go provides a versatile device for sparking creativity and inspiring exploration.”

And this flexibility is driving a surge in sales. TechRadar reported Microsoft had notched up record results in the September quarter last year, with the Surface Go a primary player in the financial improvement.

Meanwhile, Forbes noted the tech giant moved into fifth position in terms of PC sales, falling in behind Apple, and they tipped the Surface Go would further drive more improvement in the future.

Now with LTE

By November, Microsoft was keen to cash in on the Go’s popularity, releasing a slightly more pricey model with the convenience of LTE.

LTE allows devices to access the 4G cellular network directly, rather than using public or private hotspots. It features a SIM slot that you can insert a card in to access your mobile carrier.

“Surface Go with LTE Advanced for Business offers organizations the perfect balance of performance, portability and connectivity their Firstline Workers need to get the job done in the field,” Microsoft announced.

Touting its benefits, Microsoft urged prospective buyers to “imagine”:
• “No more dependence on Wi-Fi at a jobsite—construction project managers can input real-time assessments and photos of contractor progress into their cloud system
• “No more reliance on a client’s home Wi-Fi network—insurance claims adjusters can submit damage reports and receive quotes while assessing a vehicle
• “No more tethering with reduced speeds and depleted phone batteries—census takers can upload household demographic information in real time.”

Surface Go Stand

Looking for a Surface Go stand?

The Surface strategy

The Go is the next addition to a growing list of Microsoft Surface products aimed at cornering the business market. It joins a line-up that extends from the high-end Surface Studio, to the Surface Laptop, and the Surface Pro 6.

The Go falls into the most affordable position of the range, offering a viable alternative to the Surface Pro.

“Surface Go with LTE Advanced for Business is the latest in our expanding portfolio of enterprise-grade and optimized Surface devices,” Microsoft sates.

“This comprehensive family of devices has contributed to the growth in the Surface business, bringing Surface from introducing the 2-in-1 category just six years ago to joining the top five global companies in US PC market share, according to Gartner.”

As of late last year, Surface Go with LTE Advanced was available in 23 markets, with more expected to offer SIM compatibility in the first months of 2019.

The LTE model is priced at USD$679 (AUD$999) for consumers and $729 for commercial customers.

Fusion Surface Go stand

To accommodate its growing deployment throughout the business sector, Bosstab now has a purpose-designed Fusion enclosure and stands for the Surface Go.

The secure, durable stand for Surface Go offers retail, business, and hospitality users the opportunity to provide a seamless tablet experience to their clients and employees.

The Surface Go stand features a lock, a heavy-duty metal face-plate and a durable ABS plastic case designed to withstand even the toughest commercial environment.

It comes complete with a range of pole and mounting options that allows the device to be rotated, flipped, affixed to walls, or flexed into the desired position.

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