Medical apps for doctors

November 10, 2019

Like many industries, the medical profession is becoming increasingly mobile, with technology allowing doctors do their job more efficiently and more effectively with tablet devices while on the run.

This technology is supported by a range of software and apps designed to centralize patient information, support doctor’s knowledge, and keep them at the cutting edge of the latest medical advancements.

Here are just some of the top medical apps used by doctors…

Symptom checkers

doctors using medical apps on ipad holders and tablet holders

As broad as a doctor’s knowledge may be, occasionally a patient will present with symptoms outside their field of expertise or previous experience.

In places like the emergency department, understanding what these symptoms mean quickly is critical, while in a general practitioner’s office, knowing where to direct a patient as a result of what they are experiencing allows for more efficient care.

That’s where apps like PEPID and Epocrates come in.


Available on iOS iPad or Android tablet devices, PEPID includes symptom checkers, alternate diagnosis information, images, drug dosage information, medical calculators and pill identifiers, along with sections for doctors to take notes.

The software is akin to a mobile medical handbook that’s designed to ensure doctor’s have current information at their fingertips in a bid to provide better patient outcomes. Tablet holders assist doctors to be mobile while having access to a wealth of knowledge and resource.


It’s estimated more than one million healthcare providers use Epocrates to support clinical decisions and save valuable time.

The software allows doctors to check for drug conflicts, access disease content, identify pills, and even send secure text messages to colleagues or create group chats with care teams.


doctors using medical apps on ipad holders and tablet holders

With medical research and treatments constantly evolving and changing, education remains a primary focus for doctors throughout their professional career. And there are many apps available to assist in facilitating lifelong learning including Medscape, and MedPage Today.


Based on the website of the same name, Medscape features the latest medical news and expert perspectives, along with point-of-care drug and disease information, and relevant professional education.

It includes access to over 6200 reference articles for decision-making support and also boasts additional features like prescription and over the counter drug, herbal, and supplement information along with a drug interaction checker, calculators, and pill identifier.

MedPage Today

MedPage Today is primarily a source of news and current information covering all the latest breakthroughs and stories regarding various areas of the medical profession.

The app’s subject areas encompass a number of specialties and also offers insight into managing a medical practice.

Practice management and patient information

doctors using medical apps on ipad holders and tablet holders

When it comes to apps that help manage patient information, competition gets pretty fierce and many are also directed at the patient in a bid to help them better manage and consolidate their own health data.

But for medical practitioners looking to manage their practice, patient health records and appointments, Appointik and CareCloud are two of the available options.


Appointik is an Android app designed to simplify practice management. The software includes features like patient registration to capture patient contact details and history, along with appointment scheduling, billing, patient record storage and e-prescriptions.

It also allows physicians to keep records in one convenient place with data stored and accessed over the Cloud. This heavily reduces the use of paper in a clinic and double handling of information input. iPad holders can be provided to patients to fill in their details in the waiting room allowing the information to sync over the cloud by reception and doctors.


As the name suggests, CareCloud is also Cloud based and is designed to be tailored to a range of medical specialties.

It includes electronic health record storage, billing features, patient engagement, practice management tools, in-house messaging, and analytics.

A mobile future

Many of these apps facilitate true mobility in the medical profession. Armed with just a smart phone or tablet, practitioners now have a wealth of healthcare resources at the fingertips.

Better yet, this mobility is helping to revolutionise patient care.

Whether it’s a medical practice where patients can check-in at a kiosk courtesy of a tablet and tablet holder, or a doctor armed with an iPad and iPad holder checking symptoms by the patient’s bedside, mobile technology and software is streamlining and improving the health care sector at a number of levels.

medical apps for doctors

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